Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Classkick for the Win!

I absolutely love using Classkick with my students!
Not only does it help save on paper...
but it encourages them to create and share their thinking with technology! 
This is one device hopping program that helps me meet the needs of my students at their level...
and it is soooo very easy to create assignments using 
powerpoints and task cards that I already have!

Have you tried Classkick?
Here's a Google Slide PD that might help share a little more
about the ways I use this program in my class.

Want more PD with Classkick?
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I try to share a little each week of how we're using different 
programs in our classroom!

Check out Kami Butterfield too!
She's got GREAT shares on how to 
use Classkick with your students!

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