Sunday, April 22, 2018

Exploring Augmented Reality with the Merge Cube

If you’ve ever experimented with augmented reality with your students,
you’ve had that feeling of wonder and excitement take over your room!

I have used QR codes and the Aurasma App with my students in the past.
Both are engaging and “totally rad” experiences for my
“technothirsty learners”.

This year we’re exploring the augmented reality using the

Merge Cube

Merge cubes are small, foam created cubes that can transform into many different experiences all with the click of an app!

I was lucky enough to find these unique little gems at my local Walmart on clearance for $1.00 each :)
I've also noticed them at Target for about $15.00 and on Amazon (linked above) for $6.00.

But if you just want to try them out before you purchase them,
you can head over to Jamie Donally's post and get a
free printout from
the Merge VR company.

You might find some glitches with the print out, but it’s worth
a try if you’re “itching” to explore the possibilities
for this augmented reality
resource in your room! have my students been using
this piece of technology to share their learning?

….right now we’re in the “exploration stage”
of our Merge Cube experiences…
this means my students are using the
different free apps available and exploring
what the technology can help the do.

Here’s some of their discoveries…
For Earth Day, they worked with partners to snap a
picture of each other holding the earth in their hands.
Since the app doesn’t allow picture taking at this time,
they decided they would take a screenshot and
crop their picture to the size that would work for their creation.
We can use these pictures in future projects…
Poetry about protecting the Earth.
Smash with PicCollage and create an acrostic poem.
Share ways to protect the Earth in Seesaw with audio and labels.

Check out this giant Merge Cube tutorial from Mr. Haydu.

My students enjoyed working with it to get the augmented images larger to snap their photos...but also mentioned that it was harder to play the games where the cube had to be manipulated to move things on the screen.

Looking for more information on the Merge Cubes and how educators are using them across the globe, check out Vicki Davis’ post.

We’ll be exploring more with this technology in the future, for sure!
How do you incorporate augmented reality into your lessons?
Comment below and share some of your ideas!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Classkick for the Win!

I absolutely love using Classkick with my students!
Not only does it help save on paper...
but it encourages them to create and share their thinking with technology! 
This is one device hopping program that helps me meet the needs of my students at their level...
and it is soooo very easy to create assignments using 
powerpoints and task cards that I already have!

Have you tried Classkick?
Here's a Google Slide PD that might help share a little more
about the ways I use this program in my class.

Want more PD with Classkick?
Be sure to follow my Instagram: @swampfrogs
I try to share a little each week of how we're using different 
programs in our classroom!

Check out Kami Butterfield too!
She's got GREAT shares on how to 
use Classkick with your students!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Technology Tools to Enhance the Learning in Your Classroom

Gearing up to share some of my favorite technology tools that help me #setthestagetoengage my students during lessons!

Snag your own copy:

Or go through the slide on this post.

Let me know if you have more to share! 

How do you engage your students with technology?
Thanks to Julie Smith at the Techie Teacher for helping me 
get the emoji gifs working in the presentation!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Double Digit Multiplication Practice and Review

In honor of my wonderful son's birthday...
   I'm sharing my new 
2-digit by 2-digit multiplication review and practice game 
for FREE!

Click HERE to hop over to my 
TpT store and download a copy for yourself.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mystery Number Skype #connectingtosharelearning

I am a HUGE supporter of getting students to 

Connect to share the Learning!

It's one of the biggest reasons I helped start "The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge" 
with Beverly Ladd!

As a new Math & Science only teacher, I struggled with letting go of 
Mystery Location Skyping
 (...mostly because I couldn't find a math or science standard to support our time being spent finding classes on a map using mapping skills :-)

.... I crave the ability for my students to be able to 
connect with students in other states and countries to share ideas and learning.

Enter...Mystery Number Skype!
I tried for several months to find another class to join in this 
adventure of using number sense and math skills to figure out a mystery number...
No Joy!

Until.... I spied another teacher in Kansas on the Google+ community !
She was in search of a 4th grade class to try Mystery Number Skypes too!


This week we were able to connect our classes 
(after some techie troubles)

And discovered some great math talk and shares going on in our rooms as
we guided the students through their first Mystery Connection.

My kiddos are HOOKED! 
They are coming up with more questions that would help them filter through the 
numbers to discover mystery numbers for our next meeting.

We're looking forward to continuing to connect and share our
experiences with our new friends in Kansas!
Maybe we'll even get to share a little more about 
our schools and surrounding areas as we continue to meet!

I created some slides in Google Slides to help the kids keep track of their 
number clues...
You can snag a copy HERE

I put all of the slides into a Classkick assignment
#paperlessclassroom #wheneverIcan

Students were able to toggle through the slides in the 
Classkick assignment as we were skyping and make notes.

We'd love to connect with your class to do a Mystery Number Skype as well!
If you're interested...please email me!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Division with Burgers

We're wrapping up our unit on division.
Created some videos to help students refer back to and review each strategy we shared.

Division with the Area Model

Division with the Box Method

and the newest strategy deals with a burger...
unfortunately, I never got the idea of dad, mom, sister, brother, and rover... :)
But a colleague shared a sentence I could really get into!
"Does McDonalds Sell Cheese Burgers, Really?"
Yes...I got that one...and turned it into a graphic
using PicCollage Kids

Division with the Traditional Algorithm

It was fast, furious, and fun!
Have a great day!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Have you heard of #explodingdots from the Global Math Project?

I'm hooked...totally see this as a great station for my kiddos.

I've created a recording sheet for my students. Thinking I will use dot markers for students to move on the sheets instead of drawing and erasing all the time.

Here's a free download of the recording sheets I created!

Here's the youtube explanation of this awesome math challenge!