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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini Me Fun!

Spent a little indulgence on a mini me and I LOVE HER!

Thanks to Crystal Fox and her wonderful design she is...

My students helped put her together...down to the stripes on my shoes and the tuff of white hair on Daphne's head.  They loved sending Crystal suggestions on how to "improve" the graphic she was creating.  She was so EASY to work with and very patient with their questions about how she draws the different items in the picture!

For the price of a couple cups of "froo froo coffee", I now have a wonderful graphic to spice up my work :)  Why not take a moment and splurge for yourself?  
You'll find it soooo much fun and easy to do!

Check out Crystal's TpT store HERE
and her blog at...

Now...can someone tell me how to add her into my signature for the body of my posts without having to import the picture every time?
I sure would appreciate some techie advice!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pre-Assess Vocabulary Knowledge with Plickers

I first heard about Plickers at the #NotatISTE online community...
It's basically a way to assess students quickly with the use of just ONE device in the classroom...each child has a card that is coded for them to show what they know by holding the symbol on the card in different ways...
You can download the FREE app by clicking on the pic below or going to
Then I saw Mary's blog post from Sharing Kindergarten and how she utilizes this cool technology 
and now I am HOOKED!
Sharing Kindergarten
She's got an informative video that was really spectacular in helping me to see more ways to
utilize the technology for the younger group of students!
You can read about her ideas HERE

Sooooo....I did some "upgrading" on my version of the
Rating Vocabulary words with hand signals...
and now...
I can have the kids rate the vocabulary words using Plickers

I can pre-assess words as a whole group and see how the class
sees the word before I introduce and discuss it...
Using just ONE device, I can scan the cards...see how everyone is answering...who hasn't answered...and keep a record of what the answers were...

The plan would be to then have a post assessment of the words as well...but we'll see how it pans out...
I can also see using this type of technology with SAT10 practice questions 
and eNvision quick checks...
Should be a fun and different way of formative assessment!

Here's the upgrade to the "Rating Vocabulary" file I shared earlier

Click HERE to download the file to make your own charts!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Padlet Makes Sharing EASY Peasy!

I am IN LOVE with Padlet's quick and easy 
sharing ability!
It's like a virtual bulletin board where you can share ideas and activities
with others from any device that can get the internet!

There are sooooo many ways to use Padlet for education 
Professional Development!

Padlet walls are tremendously EASY to create!
Just go to YouTube and search the word "Padlet"!
You'll find tons of tutorials from how to make your own wall to 
how to use padlet in your classroom!

You can put files, links, and even photos on your 
Padlet Wall...

I attended a fabulous SRSD writing strategy training this week (more on that next week)
and thought I'd try out 
Padlet as a resource for Professional Development sharing!

As a group, we were able to add and access many documents on the wall
to help us as we developed ideas and activities to use with 
the wonderful writing strategy!
Here's a picture of our wall.
I haven't made it public just yet...we've still got a couple things to add as a group...
But when we're done, I'll post the address on the blog so you can get to these cool
resources that were shared by the group:)

Check the blog post at "I Hear EdTech" for some 
cool ideas for using Padlet in the K Classroom to the High School Courses!

Check back next week for more share on 
our book study for 
I'm getting a LOT of great ideas for planning, organizing, and 
WHAT to do DURING small groups!
PS....there's a Padlet wall of sharing for ideas on this as well :)

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 13, 2014

You Oughta Know June Blog Hop

I'm excited to be linking up with Jasmine McClain from "Buzzing with Mrs. McClain"
for the June

(which starts tomorrow at 9am...but gotta post when the internet is 
good when you're traveling :)

and in my humble opinion...You Oughta Know about 

This has been a VERY successful way of sharing information
with my class parents!

Parents can sign up via text messaging OR email to receive your sends!


You can send from your device using the handy dandy app...
or for the android device using google play

It's a FREE service and you can create as many classes as you like...
You'll get your own share code and a pdf for how to have your parents sign up to receive your texts and notices.

Remind101 allows mobile devices to attach pictures now so I can take a photo of the homework board or paper that needs to be returned and parents can SEE what they're looking for in their child's backpack :)  

Remind101 even keeps track of all the notices I send out so I have an ongoing record of the communications that I've been sending!

But the best thing is that I can SCHEDULE...yes you heard me...SCHEDULE when I want a text to be I can set up reminders to be sent on the weekend for the rest of the week..
Like spelling test reminders...
homework due reminders...
project turn in date reminders...
special days coming up reminders...

I also sent "SHOUT OUT" TEXTS to recognize special goals that were reached...
for instance when students earned 25 AR points, I would send a shout out!
Or when someone became 100% fluent on Reflex Math in Addition and Subtraction..

You can even create a widget to post on your classroom blog/website that will show what reminders have been sent so that even those without texting can see up to date this widget from my classroom blog...

When I was the communications officer for my son's high school band of 250 members...
I  had a Remind101 account set up to send out texts to remind both students and parents of events...
so there's no limit on the amount of people that can join your group.

You also have the ability to delete people as well as groups.
No One sees YOUR personal cell number...
They can't reply to the text that the Remind101 program sends out...
so you'll want to make sure they can contact you via email
 if they have questions or concerns about a text.

My son is trying to win a Music Scholarship from our local music store.
Would you take a moment to vote for him?  
Just click on his photo below to go to the Facebook Link...
Thanks so much!

And just in case you didn't notice the date....
it IS Friday THE 13TH and it is a FULL MOON!
Beach fun begins at sundown!

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm guest blog posting 
over at this awesome blog!

Hop over and check out how we use 
Augmented Reality in 
The Swamp!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

We LOVE the Dewey Camera Stand!

The Copernicus has a wonderful product that has transformed how my class
uses the iPad and shares "what they know" with each other...

Hop over and check it out!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Dewey Stand

I'm linking up with Christina to share my new love and very favorite new technology stand...
The Dewey Stand has changed the way I teach with my iPad...
For Real!!!!!!

I'll post more later on how much I LOVE this new tool to use with my iPad!
and how it's changed the way my kids are sharing what they learn across the net!

Do you use your iPad with your projector?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Are You Using Google Docs to Create Quizzes?

I've been using google docs to create online quizzes for awhile now!  I LOVE the tech aspect of helping the kids use the computer and devices to answer questions and record their thoughts...

I was SUPER EXCITED to see that 

Is sharing a TON of information that has changed the way I'll be creating and grading quizzes....
yes grading!

Hop over to Jen's blog by clicking on the button above and check out her wonderful series called...
Teacher Training Bootcamp!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mashpedia-check it out

Just read about this neat little tool ... Mashpedia...

on Dawn's blog..

and thought I'd share...
We're starting 3 digit addition and subtraction this week in 
I thought I'd check out to see what videos Mashpedia offered...
Not bad...

don't think I'd have the kids use it...but perfect for me :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

QR Code + Evernote + Animoto = HEAVEN!

Thanks to Tabitha Carro from FlapJack Educational Resources, I've got some new technology to LOVE!!!! and my students will have memories forever more available to them with one tiny scan!

Tabitha has an awesome YouTube Channel where she shares cool ideas and freebies every month!  I'm an avid follower because I learn best through visual and auditory stimuli....and she makes some great engaging and easy to follow videos for sharing!

FlapJack Educational Resources

Her lastest share has had me totally enjoying my last 2 snow days prepping videos and sharing memories with my students from my PJ wearing, fireplace on, lovin' home!  Check it out below...then be sure to hop over to Tabitha's blog and check out the TONS of resources she has to share with you!

It's soooooo easy to put together and share with the kids!  
Thanks so much Tabitha!  You made my week!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creating Online Tests using Google Drive Forms

I LOVE using Google Drive forms to create online tests to help my students practice for the upcoming PARCC testing.

I've been taking the story of the week and creating tests that go along with the vocabulary, high frequency words, and comprehension of the content.

Students use their texts to find evidence to help them in answering the questions from the test.
Some questions require them to type an answer, some question are multiple choice, and some are chosen from a pulldown list.  I always try to include a couple of questions where the students need to answer in a complete sentence or two.

My kiddo enjoy taking the tests and are actively engaged during the time they are working with the computers.  The cool thing about the tests is that they're internet based, so I can pull up the test on an iPad (using safari) and they can take the test using the iPad as well as a computer.

Here's an example of the test we took over the story of Anansi from our Scott Foresman Reading Basal this past week:

I've 'tried' to create a tutorial on youtube to help share with you the way I create the tests... you can view the tutorial here...pardon the fast talking or fluberoos...I was trying to get the video to be under 10 minutes to fit with the youtube specs...

And if you're not tooo confused so's the second tutorial on how I upload the test to my website so that the kiddos have access to it on the day I want them to take the test.


I LOVE technology! 
 But it's always good to have a backup plan if the internet is down on
 the day you plan to give the test :)

Hope you find this useful!

How are you prepping your students for the testing online?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do You Follow Your Favorite Blogs?

Google Reader Replacement???

Have you found a replacement for your Google Reader yet?

I'm looking....and looking...and looking....

Here's some I've found...

Blog Lovin' ~ It has the ability to import your google reader subscriptions, but doesn't have the one line view like reader...On the upside, it does have an app so you can still check out your blog updates from your devices...

FlipBoard ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions, however, you can only read on a device...The upside is you can access more than just your reader from the can link twitter, instagram, google reader, and more to the app and have them all accessible from one area...  You can also "Flip It" from your computer, so if you're reading something interesting, you can "Flip It" and read it on your device later...You can also create your own "magazine" to save articles and blogposts to go back and read or share later.

The Old Reader ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions and you can access on your can organize blogs into groups and it also gives you the ability to view in a headline format or picture format....however, I haven't found an app for my devices YET!  I do think it's very much like google reader...but not sure it's my new favorite...just yet.

Want to read more about replacements....
Check out this article ...

Got any other suggestions?  
Please comment and let me know what you're looking at or deciding to go with 
to replace your google reader :)

Enjoy your day!


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