Hello All! 
My name is Heidi Samuelson and I teach first grade in Tennessee. I love to create and share games/ideas to use with Reading and Math. I hope you gather some neat things you can use throughout the year from this blog!

Storage Ideas:
I've been asked at several workshops how I store all the games I have created.  I don't have a particularly creative storage system, but it seems to work for me.  I use the 7-drawer storage units on wheels that you can purchase at Target or Walmart.  I think eons ago I purchased mine from Costco.  Each drawer is labeled with a number or a letter.  Games that are in use for tub time (Math) or literacy stations(Reading) are stored inside each drawer.  Students choose (or are assigned) a drawer to complete.  They take the drawer from the unit and find a spot that works best for them to complete the game.

Games that are not being used are stored in orange (Go Vols) file storage box in hanging folders.  I label file folders with the title of the game and put extra pieces in baggies inside the folder.  I have a file box for Addition and Subtraction games, Number Sense, and Money/Measurement/Time.   Larger game pieces are stored in plastic shoeboxes with labels on the sides and front.  I also have another clear colored file box unit that has game pieces in baggies that are labeled.  I try to make a note inside each game baggie or folder to identify where the pieces are stored if there are extra pieces to be had.  Any printable that goes with a game is stored inside the folder of the game.

Management of the Math Tub Groups:
I use a small pocket chart with the letters of the 7-drawer unit labeled on index cards.  Students place their pictures by the tub they plan to use (or assigned to) that day.

Hope this helps explain a little of how I store and manage the tubs with games for the kids.

For reading I use the Reading Street program from Scott Foresman.
You can take a tour of my room and see how some of the centers and areas of my room are set up.

Being an RTI (Response to Intervention) school, I have a 90 minute block of reading in the morning where I meet with whole groups, small groups, and have center rotations going on all together :)

I usually introduce a new game during small reading group meetings during this time period.  We work as teams to complete the skill in the game.  I'll sometimes add it to a center the next day, but more than likely it won't be for a couple of weeks, so that I'm sure we understand the concept of how to play the game.

I also have a 30 minute Tier II time where I work with small groups and have intervention of skills.  Some children work on a computerized program called iStation, some work in reading boxes and take AR tests, and some work with me learning new games or practicing a skill.

We also have a separate 30 minutes for spelling and grammar skills.  

I am blessed with an awesome aide that helps me 30 minutes a day.  The kids love to work with her on the new games too.  I also have a wonderful group of parents that come in one to two days a week to help with skill groups :)  Did I say I was blessed???

If you have any questions or need any of the games you see and can't find on the sites, let me know.  I'm happy to share!

Have a great day!