Summer Book Study

**Making the Most of Small Groups**
Summer of 2014 Book Study

Hello All and Welcome to a new and hopefully useful book study to improve your small group meeting times... I'm dedicating this section of the Summer Book Study page to the resources and ideas shared during this study on Debbie Diller's book:
"Making the Most of Small Groups:  Differentiation for All".

Here's a link to the Google Doc that shares more information on this book study.
I hope you'll join me in sharing this summer!

Chapters ONE and TWO shares 
are HERE

Check out how Ms. Harris from 
puts together her guided reading basket...

Here's more of the shared posts listed by chapter... just click on the chapter you're interested in and go to the page with the freebie resources listed...

Chapter 1 (Time)  & 2 (Organizing) shares and thoughts

Tanya @ Second Grade in the Desert has some thoughts on Chapters 1 & 2 HERE

Chapter 3 (Grouping) shares and thoughts 

More on Chapter 3 (Grouping) 

Tanya @ Second Grade in the Desert has some thoughts on Ch 3 HERE

Chapter 4 (Comprehension)  shares and thoughts 

Tanya @ Second Grade in the Desert has some thoughts on Ch 4 HERE

Chapter 5 (Fluency)  shares and thoughts

Chapter 6 (Phonemic Awareness)  shares and thoughts 

Chrissy @ First Grade Found Me has some great shares and thoughts about Phonemic Awareness and how she was able to use it with her small groups with success HERE

Chapter 7 (Phonics)  shares and thoughts

Chapter 8 (Vocabulary) shares and thoughts

**K2 Math Fact Book Study**
Summer of 2013 Book Study 

Hello All and Welcome! 
 I'm dedicating this page to the resources and ideas shared during the summer of 2013 book study on
 "Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction:  Strategies, Activities, and Interventions to Move Students Beyond Memorization" by Susan O'Connell


Check out my reflection on Chapter One and some of shares for math talk {HERE}

Here's some cool resources we found for Addition:

Check out Pitnerm's Blog for a ton of freebies.
While you're there, click HERE to get the Firefly Bump Addition.

or her Garage Domino Game HERE

Ms. Pitnerm has a great resource for Dice Games available HERE too.

Like using dominoes?  Check out First Grade School Box Blog posts...

Click HERE for the recording sheet.

Petereson's Pad Blog has some great freebies too!  Just click on the side where you see the tag for freebies to go to a whole pageful of awesome shares!
I thought this cute roll-add-color would be great to work with the chapter one +1/+2....
Click HERE for the post...

Chapter One Resources
Understanding Addition and Subtraction

Ten Frame Workmats from Primarily Speaking blog  HERE

Chapter Two Resources
Plus One and Plus Two

Counting on by 2 more Rap from A First Grade Fairy Tale

Chapter Three Resources
Adding Zero

Chapter Four Resources
Adding Ten

Chapter Five Resources

Chapter Six Resources
Making Ten

I LOVE the story for this chapter "Ten Apples Up on Top"
Have you checked out the school tube video 

Making Learning has a great resource page for the story too {HERE}

And there's some pretty cool ideas for using the story {HERE} as well.

I think it would be cute to take a picture of each student and then let them add red, yellow, or green apples made from construction paper to their picture ....they could choose 2 colors of apples to show ten on top.  Then use a number equation to tell more about their picture.

On page 99, the bead counters are a lot like Rekeneks...
and I LOVE Rekeneks !  
Have you seen the resources available on K-5 Mathematics Teaching Resources?
I've made some of the suggested Rekeneks and the kids really had a great time using them to help solve problems!
You can download the flashcards to use for number talks and recognition too...

On page 101, the authors talk about the importance of building automaticity...
"Automaticity with math facts requires practice....Many teachers insert quick fact reviews into their lesson on a regular basis.  Even a five-minute activity provides repeated exposure to the targeted skills and promotes fluency."

I also like the equation sort for sums of 10 on page could use any flashcards to have the kids do the sort and write the equations on a paper or on a dry erase board...

Chapter Seven Resources
Using Tens

Chapter Eight Resources
Using Doubles

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