This page is to share some of my favorite teaching tools and teacher toys with you!
I'll update as I find new things that I don't think I can live without :)

I've tried to add a link to each favorite so you can research more for yourself!  If you have a favorite you'd like to share, please add a comment or email me...I love finding new things to "play" with in my teaching profession!

Wand Scanner

Believe it or not, I can draw a picture and then use the wand scanner to create a jpeg of the drawing
then add it into my computer using iPhoto and insert it into a document to create a game.
I also use it to scan papers that I might need to keep a copy of for my personal records.

This is my newest toy...it connects with your computer and you can draw on your screen.  I'm still getting used to the feel and flow, but I've done a couple of snowman graphics that I've used in creating games.  

This one is not mine alone..."My Coke Rewards" sent it to my school as a thank you gift and since I'm the rewards point coordinator for the school, I get to keep it in my room...well until someone else checks it out :)
It's a lot of fun and sooooo easy to use!  It integrates well with iMovie.