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GoNoodle Inspiration Blog

Check out GoNoodle for yourself!  It's wonderful! articles:

Teacher Resources:

Samuelson Swamp Frogs is my classroom webpages.  I also have resources for teachers to download for reading and math centers.  I hope you'll stop by and take a look around :)

Andrea Cotner is an awesome teacher in my county.  She has created grammar songs for first graders (or any grade really) to go with the units in Reading Street.

Frieda Lewis has a wonderful resource blog especially for those of us using Reading Street by Scott Foresman!

Mrs. Waltke's Literacy Page is another site with a ton of resources for those using Reading Street.

Carl's Corner has many resources and downloads to use with Reading Street too!

Julie Torkelson has a fabulous online resource for teachers.  Her workshops have tons of useful ideas and games to use with the kids.  Most of her things revolve around songs that teach!  Her website is called Katie and Company.

Kim Adsit is a wonderful presenter with a ton of great ideas.  You can catch some of them on her website.

Shari Sloane has a wonderful website filled with tons of downloads, ideas, and resources.  She is another fabulous presenter!

Kim Jordano is another fabulous presenter with tons of resources on her site.

Kelly's Kindergarten is a wealth of ideas and downloads for cool learning games. Download her weekly graphing unit.  Download Games and Centers.

Jessica Meacham has a wonderful website full of ideas as well as downloads.

Kathy Davis has a wonderful site called Sound City Reading with tons of resources and ideas.

Kathy Langston has a ton of resources and ideas on her website.

Mrs. McGowan's Reading Resource page has a TON of resources available for you to learn more about reading instructions, guided reading groups, games to play with children, and more!  FABULOUS!!!

Melissa Forney has a fabulous idea for helping kids with's called the vocabulator.  Use a clean empty gatorade bottle and some rice and you're set to go...enjoy!

Making Learning Fun has a ton of downloads and resources to add to your teaching toolbox!

Hans Wilhelm has free downloads of his books on his website.

Mrs. Perkin's Dolch Words has many resources to use to help teach and use the Dolch words.

Green Primary School has loads of fun and useful games to print out and work with your literacy centers! 

Free resources at The Cornerstone for teachers.

All Kids Network has craft ideas, printable worksheets, as well as other wonderful resources.

Math Cats has some great ideas and resources for math...I love their hexagon math fact cards!

Free Stories and Books are available to download here.

Weekly Math Essentials has many resources for math games as well as daily skills practice.

Addition and Subtraction powerpoints to practice facts quickly and visually.

Need a site to store you website URLs?  Portaportal is a great tool and easy to use!

Need a site to convert a file?  Zamzar is a great tool to convert files to different formats.

Need a new font?  Check out Letter and Stuff.  Some really cute fonts for free!

Website Resources for Students and Teachers:

Are you a Math Magician? Kids can go to this site to practice math facts for fluency!

Story Online is a wonderful site where the kids can go and listen to an actor reading a story.  Most of the books online are AR books that they can take a test to if you happen to use Accelerated Reader in your school.

Xtra Math is a fabulous resource to have students practice math facts for fluency.  You can create a class with passwords and have them practice both at home and at school. AND IT'S A FREE RESOURCE!  

Science and Social Studies resources at The University of Illinois.

Need a math game for the kids to practice skills?  Check out IXL.

Gamequarium has many math games that are online fun!

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