Google Docs

This is how I upload pdf formatted files to google doc.  (I can't get Word Docs to upload at this time, so I always format my files to pdf or upload the Word Docs to

The first thing is to select the file (s) you want to upload and click on them on your computer.

Next, click on the folder in your Google Docs that you want to add your file to...and then click on OK.
After you click on the button that says Private and change it to Public before you start your upload.

Once your file has uploaded, click on the file's blue title to go to the doc. 

At the top of the document bar, there is a button that says share.  Click on the share button to get the sharing settings.

The share settings will be highlighted.  Copy these share settings to add to your blog.

Highlight the words or picture you want to link the document other words, what do you want your readers to click on to get the document you just uploaded?  Click on the word LINK in the tool bar of your posting area.

Paste the share settings of the document you copied from the Google Docs page and click OK.

Now the words you highlighted are changed to blue and you can see the link that you will go to when you click on the blue words.  Click publish post and you're ready to share.

Hope this makes sense!