Skyping to Communicate
and Improve our 
Reading Fluency/Comprehension
Skyping with Mamaw has become one of the favorite RTI stations in my room!
Each day, 4 students get to choose a book to share with Mamaw over Skype.
Mamaw has a copy of the book on her side of the conversations
and we have a copy to read in our room.
Students use headphones to listen to Mamaw as she talks with them about the book so 
the rest of the room is not disturbed by the whole conversation.

Mamaw also sends "craftivities" for us to create and use in our studies...
We wrote Math Tasks to go along with this Scarecrow based on the 
Friends of Ten concept. 
We created "What We're Thankful" for stories to go along with 
this cornucopia...Mamaw helped us put the project together over skype
She was able to help us learn some new vocabulary words as well.
For this project, we used Mamaw's favorite squirrel friend...."Sammy" and 
created Math Tasks to go along with his acorns and baskets.
We were able to related our work back to the 
Part-Part-Whole concept.

In 2012, Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs won The David A. Pickler Technology Award.
Here's one of the movies they entered into the contest in order to win.
(Just click the picture below to watch the video.)

Here's a movie we put together to show how we created 
LOVE Bugs -- a craft sent to us by Mamaw
(Just click the picture below to watch the video.)

Thanks Mamaw!
For sharing your time and energy with us each year!

Mamaw's in the Newspaper...congratulations for being chosen
for Volunteer of the Week!
You can read more about it HERE.
Or below...

We're in the Paper TOO!
Skypes the Limit!

This article was picked up by an online newspaper in SC called "The State"

Mystery Skyping in the Swamp...

What is Mystery Skyping?
I asked the Swamp Frogs to write a short blog post on how they would describe Mystery Skyping.  You can check out all there posts HERE. on our Kidblogs...

Here are some of the things the students in the Swamp want you 
to know about Mystery Skyping...

Mystery Skyping  is when you try to guess the other classrooms state. You ask questions to find out were they live. After you figure out their state you can ask questions to find out more.  (Lene)
A mystery Skype is when you, Skype with another class. You figure out their state or number. After you are done, you can ask about their state.  (Chloe)
A Mystery Skype is when you try to guess the other class's state or number.  And when both classes guess the correct state or number, you can share information about their school , state, or city. (Maddie)

How do You do a Mystery Skype?

Greet the other class.  Get a paper map.  Play rock paper scissors.  Take turns asking yes or no question.  If your guess before they do your class wins. (Alex)
1.You will need to do greetings.
2.You need to play rock,paper,scissor,shoot and if you win you go first.
3.You only ask yes and No questions.
4. After you see only one more state on your map you say can I guess your state.
6. After you are done you can go sit down and ask some questions about the state.
7.Have fun!

If you're not familiar with Skyping, it's a form of communication using the computer and an internet connection.  You can call another class anywhere in the world....as long as they're in school :)

Next you greet each other with introductions. There are students that take on the job of the greeter. They welcome the visiting skype class to our room.

Then the greeters play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to go first with the questions to guess locations.

stay tuned for more info coming soon...

Here are some of the resources that I go to again and again...the useful information and activity ideas are very helpful to me....hope you find something that proves useful to you too!

“The person that talks the most is the person that learns the most.”
~author unknown

Bellevue Math Pacing Guide and Curriculum Training
First Grade Teachers 
Download {HERE}

Second Grade Teachers
Download {HERE}

Math Resources

         √ guest
         √ mc2      
         √ visit     

CCSSM unpacked :  Math standards explanined in depth from North Carolina

CCSSM linked with online games to practice skills.

Bridges in Mathematics blackline masters

The Numeracy Continuum K-10   information on number sense and counting cardinality

Teacher’s Mathematic Toolkit    from readtennessee.org

SparkleBox – math tools - numberlines both vertical and horizontal are found here.

Common Core tools…ELA and Math unpacked and explained by North Carolina

North Carolina Wiki Math Tasks for K, 1, and 2

School Improvement Network- Videos on the common core practices for both ELA and Math.  
Check out Carol Stafford's video on decomposing

Check out Andrea Cotner's video on Addition tasks for counting on.

The Teaching Channel -- Counting Collections video

Math Task resources

Reading Resources
Close Reading Lesson Plans from Boston Public Schools Curriculum

Read Works  readworks.org has nonfiction passages with text dependent questions.


The Curriculum Corner has pages on both reading and math with activities and free downloads aligned with the common core.

F is for First Grade the Land of Children and Chocolate-- CCSSM Practice Standards for chart

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives -- CCSSM Practice Standards for pocket chart using community helpers to explain each standard...doctor, artist, lawyer, scientist... 

What the Teacher Wants  --- Common Core Apple Craftivity
Kadeen-Whitby -- Monster Posters for ELA

Sample's Superstars----Making Ten Card Freebie

math practice cubes
maranacook area schools

math practices icons bean
a california math/science partnership project

carroll county public schools
mathematical practices
question starters

summary of CCSSMP 
freebie from TpT

Math practices explained from the CCSS document (hyperlinked)

Life, Love, and Literacy
Common Core Must Haves Post:

unpacking the math practices for K

Number Rack by The Math Learning Center

app for computers...

app for iPod or iPad

Handouts from Workshop thanks to 
Dr. Andre Crafford for sharing!

This is a great video to explain the common core in a delightful way.  I couldn't get the video to embed into the page, however, if you click the picture above....it should take you to the direct video link.
You can also click HERE for the URL.

~Check back often as I'll try to update this page as I can :)

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