Friday, May 15, 2020

Summer Book Study for an InterACTIVE Experience

Getting together plans for an Interactive Book Study
on "The Interactive Class" by Joe & Kristen Merrill
to share with teachers this summer.

The authors are sharing a ton of short PD tutorials
on various media platforms.

Have you seen all the #virtualclassroom shares on Twitter and Instagram?
I've been thinking about ways to incorporate this
idea into my class... I love the idea of
students being able to click on images within images to
take them to websites or activities to complete...

I created this virtual classroom in less than 15 minutes after
watching a quick PD tutorial on The Merrills EDU YouTube Channel.

Here's the Youtube tutorial I used.... it really is a quick way to use
to create a virtual classroom.
I wonder how Buncee could be used to create templates and backgrounds
to incorporate into designs for Seesaw or Classkick?

Can't wait to learn more during our
interACTIVE Book Study
this summer...

Have a great day!

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