Saturday, March 21, 2020

Math Video Tutorials Share

I'm putting together a google doc of some of the math tutorial videos I've created to help my students practice and review 4th grade concepts over the year.

All the links are shareable and will open in a Seesaw view. 
However, you do not need to log into Seesaw to view the video.

You are welcome to use and share the videos if you find them helpful.
You can find them by using the link:

I'll continue to add videos for different skills, so the document should automatically update for you when you tap on the link.

I'm also sharing on my Instagram account: @swampfrogs

as well as on my Twitter account: @swampfrogfirst
You can also connect with me on snapchat:

Let me know if I can help!
Together we can do this❣️

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Digital Planning with the GoodNotesApp5 and DPC Digitals

Digital Planning with the GoodNotesApp5 and DPC Digitals
I remember "back in the day"...

     Like ..... way "back in the day"...

when my planbook used to be colorful and decorated with stickers and colored ink!

Fast forward to the "digital age" where I need to be able to access my plans from many different devices at home and at school....

      ...and HOW frustrated I get when I "think" I put the planbook in my backpack to bring home, but instead left it on my teacher table for the next day ... just in case I get sick and need it for a sub!

Well...NO MORE... I love using allows me to share plans with my team and access from ANY device at home or school...
            doesn't allow me to "pretty it up"....

Enter...#digitialplanners from
I joined the newsletter and am so glad I did! So many ideas and shares! Plus lots of freebies!

I purchased the goodnotes5 app when it used to be goodnotes a long time ago and have used it from time to time to take notes and keep track of ideas...

                 .....but now....I can integrate the notebooks and stickers from @dpcdigitals with the @goodnotesapp to create useful, organizational, and shareable plans that allow me the ability to create fun cute pages!


I'll be sharing ideas and ways to use the #digitalplanners on Instagram and have created a highlight section to keep track of all the fun!
Want to join me? Just follow me on instagram
or follow the hashtags

Do you create with digital notebooks too? I'd love to connect with you and share ideas!

Have a great day!