Monday, July 8, 2019

Pop Up Pod for Recording & Greenscreen

I have been learning more and more about #greenscreenedu 
from Anita Goodwin (Goodwinnovate) on Social Media.
I LOVE her shares on Instagram for using greenscreen 
in the classroom. Amazing ideas!

Also excited to hear about FlipGrid's new AR feature...LOVE their VoicePod

Took some time this weekend to search IKEA for a similar set up with no luck...well...I found other things I apparently the hand crank flashlight for $2.99! But no pod that was green and could pop up and down.

So I did a search for pop up pods on Amazon and voila!
This friend showed up!
affiliate link

Even has a video on how to fold the pod to put it away in the carrying case! What!!!!

Can't wait to see how my new students will use this
pop up pod to create this year!

Do you greenscreen?
I'd love to hear more about what you use!

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