Saturday, July 7, 2018

Shares from Seesaw Connect in Chicago #ISTE18

Traveling during the summer to “share the learning” is one of my favorite things to do!

Well...mostly...I love the sharing more than the traveling…
I’m not much on the “traveling part”...
I’d rather be able to twitch my nose and pop to my destination,
but IF you have to do the traveling part, having a
teacher-tech-ready-to-give-it-a-shot traveling companion is THE best!
First stop on this summer’s list of learning was my very first ever Seesaw Conference…
Seesaw Connect took place in Chicago’s ‘Morgan’s on Fulton’ lovely venue.
An older building...3 stops on the L-train...outside of downtown Chicago.
Seesaw organizers used every- single- floor to take advantage of this amazing
building’s space! From the basement to the rooftop, participants were provided
opportunities to connect, share ideas, and get information on topics
they were interested in learning more about!

Take a virtual 360 tour of ‘Morgan’s on Fulton’ using google maps by clicking this link:

The day started off with an Amazing Race that my friend’s team won!
While people were teaming up and racing around,
there were areas set up to “Bling” your name tag and take a group photo…
The photos could be texted to our phones right away! Too cool!

Next we met in the gathering space for the Ignite Sessions
on the second floor! (Where -I might add- I first saw the GOOGLE
office building right next door! What?!?)
Ignite sessions are 5 minutes of jam-packed shares from various teachers,authors, and
creators of Seesaw… They have a limited number of slides to get their “story”
across while speaking.
You can see all the slides and speakers from this link:

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from this part of the day!
Getting to hear from one of the co-founders, Carl Sjogreen,
was a great way to start the day!
Next to speak was Angela Gadtke...which if you’ve ever attended a PD in PJ webinar...
you know the power of Angela. You can connect with her on
And as you work with Seesaw...watching YouTube video
demonstrations or reruns of PDs.

Ann Kozma, powerhouse ambassador for PicCollage, Seesaw, FlipGrid, and
Book Creator as well as an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator)...
share about #diamontime vs. passing time. more of a CHARGER this year than a drainer!
You can follow along with Ann’s Twitter account:

Sophia Garcia Smith shared about my favorite way to get students commenting the
“right way” on Seesaw with her idea of T-A-G! I enjoyed hearing from her tell
how she not only has the kids practice digital citizenship this way, but also expects a TAG
from the parents. AND...learning that she doesn’t expect kids to do ALL of the
3 letters in one comment was a relief!
Have you heard of TAG before?

#goal get parents more involved in commenting with meaningful
words instead of just hearts and that’s cool remarks this year.
You can follow Sophia on Twitter:

Michelle Flicek shared about how important it is to keep kids “wonder”
alive. You can follow Michelle on Twitter:

Tara Martin shared about being #Realsnap with students.
You can follow Tara on Twitter:

Brenda Morrow reminded us to surround ourselves with
people who are up lifting. You can follow Brenda on Twitter:
Andy Leiser reminded us how important it is to share the everyday
excellences that happen in our classroom.
You can follow Andy on Twitter:

After the ignite sessions were finished, we broke into “job-a-like” breakout sessions.
I had the pleasure of facilitating the Fourth Grade group of teachers.
It was great to be able to share how we used Seesaw in our classrooms as
well as share some resources and suggestions on more ways to use
Seesaw with Science in our rooms.

Lunch was served on the rooftop with areas of shade as well as
sun and beautiful views of the Chicago Cityscape. There were large table
games like Connect Four that make me want to get one for
my classroom to #setthestagetoengage !

After lunch, the breakout sessions began on all four floors.
I was honored to be among the presenters sharing information with the group.
You can find my resource slides by clicking this link:

I had the pleasure of attending this #dyn-O-mite tech specialist’s breakout
on “Unplugged Coding”. It DID.NOT.DISAPPOINT. Can’t wait to try some of
her suggestions for helping kids to learn coding even when not plugged
into a technology device! You can find her shares here:

Seesaw Connect was a wonderful way to start this summer’s travel adventures!
Being able to connect with some of the people in my online PLN was a
definite highlight! #Iheartmakingconnections
Find all the resources from the breakout speakers by clicking this link:

Questions about using Seesaw or Global Math Task in the classroom this year?
Give me a holla! I'm happy to help you #makeconnections

Enjoy your day!

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