Saturday, September 23, 2017

Student Self-Assessment Article-Spot On!

I double "heart" Meg from "The Teacher Studio"!
She wrote an awesome blog post for 
Upper Elementary Snapshots...if you're not following this collaborative blog,
I recommend looking into it! Lots of wonderful shares going on here!
Check out her post on Student Self-Assessment and how she breaks down some of the mathematical practices so that they are specific skills that the students can relate to and understand in kid-friendly terms.!

Her suggested anchor charts will be a huge help to breaking down each mathematical practice and helping students "see" more clearly what they are doing. 

Hop over by clicking this link:

Upper Elementary Snapshots: The Importance of Student Self-Assessment

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Math Fact Fluency Made Easy with a Little Help...

If your students could use a little help 
with multiplication fact fluency, 
hop over to 
and check out her post on some 
cool games that might help 
them along their way!

Jamie has this #amazing resource for free on her blog
right now!
Just click on the picture below to 
check out her recent post. 

I #LOVE the fidget spinner game!

and don't forget to join in the fun on Twitter and 
share your student thinking on 
Here's this week's photo...
How can your students create 24?