Saturday, May 20, 2017

Digital Game Boards with PicCollage

We had a BLAST creating digital game boards and task cards this past week to review math skills.
We used the iPad app PicCollage, but you could also use google slide or power point to create the boards!

First we looked at some of the popular game boards using a google search...

We discussed all the elements that each board would Start....End...move back....move forward...etc...

Then we began designing the boards with our handy dandy PicCollage app! 
First we searched for paper color using the websearch in the app:
Once we found the color we wanted we could add it to our PicCollage picture and begin to clip it to the shape we wanted for the game board creation. 
After the color paper image was clipped, it was added into the path of the board being created. 
Words and stickers were added to the boards and then students saved the image of their board to the photos on their iPads. 
New PicCollages were created and the game board image was uploaded and set as the background.

Now we can begin to create our game board tokens to move along the board as we play with the task cards. With the game board we created as a background, we can easily move the tokens around the board.
Here's some of our #awesome creations!

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Want to use some pre-made game boards and add in some skills?
Check out Kami Butterfield's TpT product! 

Enjoy your day!

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  1. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! We're going to "borrow" your idea!