Friday, November 25, 2016

4.NBT.6 What's Your Strategy for Division?

We're hard at work on division in "The Swamp"...
Some of my kiddos have beautiful handwriting and can keep numbers in line with no problem...However to start with the 'standard' algorithm of long division, I like to give my kiddos grid paper to help them place their numbers. (In reality, it helps direct my eyes to their numbers better...but that would be like admitting that my eyes needed, I say it's for them :)

You can grab this freebie HERE.

After we worked with the 'standard' algorithm, I introduced the "Box Method" and asked the kids to critic the differences/similarities in the two methods... interesting to hear their take on which one they like more, which one has more steps, and which one they plan to use when given the option.
Not familiar with the "Box Method" ...
Check out this YouTube "tutorial"

Download the freebie HERE.

Next week....we're delving into the "Area Method" for division...
Uhmmmm....any shares of activities, resources, or ideas would be 
greatly appreciated!!

Have a wonderful day!


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