Monday, July 11, 2016

Are You Ready? (giveaway spoiler alert)

Are you ready for Back to School?
How about Amazon Prime Day?
I LOVE Amazon Prime!
If I need a book for Mentor Sentences, 
I can usually get it within 2 days!
And shipping is usually free! 

One of our first Mentor Sentence Books this year will be

Check out "Ideas by Jivey"
to see her fabulous Mentor Sentence Units
on TpT
Ideas by Jivey

Are you ready to
Stay Positive and Enjoy Teaching
I think I am...but just to make sure
I'm joining in the fun of an ONLINE book study
with Angela Watson
Hop over and check it out.
You can ask to join!

Staying positive and encouraging to others is my
NUMBER ONE goal this year!
along with staying organized

....which bring me to my next question...

Are you ready to start Planning?
Meet my new (hopefully organized) teaching planner!
Don't freak out about the price listed on 
Click on the link to check out the product!
Then (if you like it) head to 
Michaels or Hobby Lobby 
and use a 40% coupon 
to pick one up for yourself!
So far....I'm loving the versatility and ability to 
add pages and folders and cutesy it up!

In reality, I use
to create and share plans with my team.
However, you can print those plans out and 
punch them to put in the 
Happy Teacher Teaching planner
I also LOVE the pages that will allow
for me to keep notes when my team meets to 
talk about what skills we're hitting on 
which days!
See I'm NOT really an organized person by nature
but I'm trying!

Are you ready to Be Engaging?
I've always love learning! 
So I am prepping to join in the fun 
with the hundreds of other peeps 
heading to the Whole Brain Teaching
Louisiana Conference next week!
Have you read Coach B's book?
Totally worth the time!
There's also a TON of free items to go with the 
....I'll post more about our trip and ways
to implement Whole Brain Teaching in your
room later this month!

Are you ready for a GiveAway?
I'm giving away the first book in 
The Dragon Of The Month Club is the exciting first installment 
in a new book series that tells the story of Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers, 
two best friends who stumble across an extraordinarily magical book 
and soon find themselves enrolled as 
members of a very special and exclusive club - 
The Dragon of the Month Club.

You can read an excerpt from the book HERE
Kind of reminded my students of
The Magic Treehouse series...
but they loved the dragons in the story and
felt the adventure was "pretty good".
(Which is a great review coming from 
a fourth grader at the end of the school year :)

I'm giving away a copy of the
first book... just leave a comment below to
let me know when you head back to school and
if you're planning on doing something fun this year!

Enjoy your day!
and don't forget to hop over to
Amazon Prime Day
and check out some of the great deals to be caught :)


  1. Well, I think you know when I'm heading back to school, but I'm planning to do a fun Olympic themed week that first week back!

  2. Hey Heidi, of course I go back August 1st, Kiddos on August 8th!! I always love fun learning activities just what I don't know yet but I do love the app I learned about on your app smashing where the animals can talk. :)

  3. I go back on August 12th and will be implementing Mentor Sentences this school year!