Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway

There's a Joy Cowley
 (author of Mrs. Wishy-Washy) 
Classroom Giveaway going on right now!
Hop over to the link HERE to sign up for a chance to win.

When I taught First Grade, Mrs. Wishy-Washy was a beloved book among my students.
But I wasn't aware of the Joy Cowley Collection of books...

The Hameray Publishing Group 
sent me two sets of the character books to 
read through and share. 

Oscar is the first set of books I choose to check out
...and what a cutie he is...
The youngest of the family, Oscar allows students to connect with 
the perils of having older siblings in a real world fashion.
In "Go to Bed, Oscar!", students can relate to how "unfair" it is that they have to go to bed before the older siblings in the family! This wonderfully illustrated series also helps share how being the youngest in the family isn't always such a bad thing and how small people can help in big ways too! In "Oscar Did It", students will relate to a funny ending when he is blamed for doing everything that mom is upset about :)

Sloppy Tiger is the second set of books I read...
With another delightful character who students can relate to their own lives! 
Sloppy Tiger has fun while cleaning the floor, takes a hilarious adventure on a bus, and has a messy room to clean up for a picnic treat.

Each book in the series is set up for guided reading with 
Features of the Text listed.
Before, During, and After reading questions and things to notice listed.
and how to connect the text to real life suggestions.
Perfect for a small group for reading or
for sending home to read with parents...
what better way to help parents connect the reading with their little ones!

I'll be donating the books that were sent to me for review to our Kindergarten classes at school.
I hope to have some of my fourth graders hop down to read a favorite story with a student one day 
(after all this crazy testing is over and life returns to normal)

Hop over and join in the contest for a chance to win the books for your class!
Check out all the prizes in this giveaway
Then share with your friends! 

Thanks again to Hameray Publishing group 
for the opportunity to review these adorable 
lesser known characters of a fabulous author
Joy Cowley!
I look forward to seeing how our Kindergarten compadres enjoy 
Oscar and Sloppy Tiger too!


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