Saturday, February 6, 2016

Writing in a Digital World

I'm an avid believer ...
 students need to be engaged in meaningful 
and authentic
forms of writing to share their thinking 
as well as their learning!

We write to penpals. 
They LOVE when those large envelopes come in the 
"snail mail" through the office.  
Great writing lessons come from sharing how
to put ideas into a letter format....

But...thinking in today's terms...writing a letter
"on paper"
is not how many of my students are going to communicate
as they get older...

I saw a stupendous idea on Instagram this week!
Mrs. Standford has her KINDERGARTNERS 
emailing her their writing!


What an authentic form of communication!
Typing skills 
Grammar Skills 
(capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence formation)
Formal Language vs. Informal tones...

She wrote a blog post on how she created the QR code
as well as what her students are writing...
The Primary Pack

Very easy to create the QR code
How simple to just project it on the board?!

If Kindergartners can do it....the
Fourth graders can do it as well...right...

Most of our state testing is on the computer this year.
That means....typing essays as well as multiple choice!

So here are some of my thoughts for utilizing this
AWESOME share from Mrs. Stanford!

I "bumped up" the QR code
and used html code to create my email.
I searched the internet for an html code that would scan to my email,
but would have reminders in the type your name and date.
Here's the code I found:;SUB:The subject;BODY:The body;;

I used to create the QR code using the plain text box choice.
(Mrs. Standford uses the email box.)
I downloaded the QR code  
added it to a graphic 
printed and posted around the room ...
Now...students can access it during station times 
 I don't have to have the projector running all the time :)
When they scan the code on their iPads,
it brings up the email on that iPad.
They change "The Subject" to the title of their essay,
type their name and date on the first line of the email body...
and then type their essay to send to me in an email.

We tried it out with a quick assignment...
"What is gmttc and why do you like it?"
Students were able to share their opinion of the 
(which we'd love for you to participate in as well)
I was able to open their emails, 
copy their words to a blank powerpoint slide 
add a graphic, 
take a screenshot 
and load to twitter!

I can see where they are as "typers"
 and address individual needs 
anywhere I have access to my emails...
in the hall with an iPad...
waiting for the restroom break to end :)

Next up...

Typing essays on a topic and emailing to me
How quick and easy to check the essay and 
call up for review.
(In my perfect world, we'd be using googleclassroom 
and I'd be able to comment 
with feedback on their actual document)...
but until that day....this seems like a plausible alternative.

Creating math tasks for 
The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge 
email me the challenge you want to post...
We can discuss and create Twitter Glitter
(what we call the photo we post with our Twitter Challenges)
and more...

email a wonder that you'd like to share.
I wonder what....?

My Favorite...
email me your favorite part of a story your reading.

The thoughts are starting to swirl...
and the dog is calling to play...
Well...may be too late...looks like 
he's 'already played' and needs a bath to 
wash away the mud!
ugghhh...poor dude!

Maybe you can share some other ways 
this might be used with your students in the comments!

Hope you'll join us in 
connecting our students
to share the learning!

Enjoy your day!
We Skype with classes around the nation and participate
in the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge to share
our thoughts & learning through math tasks.
Check out @globalmathtask on Twitter for
ways to share as well!

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