Friday, November 27, 2015

Equivalent Fractions Four Corners

I hope everyone had a MARVELOUS Thanksgiving!
I'm so thankful for a PLN that allows me to share and explore new ideas with them!

We're getting ready to delve into the concept of Equivalent Fractions the "TNReady way"...
This means learning the language and deepening our knowledge of models with equivalent fractions NOT just dividing or multiplying numerators and denominators...

Take this question for instance...

So my kiddos have to be able to identify the fraction that is shaded in the visual model...and then determine which of the listed fractions could be an equivalent fraction of this model.. 

We're having tons of fun using 4 corners as a way to practice and assess...but you could easily use the Plickers app to assess skill levels as well. I'm also working on creating a Kahoot to go along with this skill... It will be called "Equivalent Fractions with Visual Models"... 
I'm in the process of creating it now, but you should be able to access is through this LINK.

If you'd like a copy of the google slide presentation to play in your room 
This LINK should allow you to copy the presentation into 
your own google drive :)

If you've got an idea for this frazzled teacher on teaching equivalent fractions or decomposing fractions or multiplying fractions...etc...etc... 
I sure would appreciate any shares or thoughts!

Who knew fractions could be so scary and overwhelming?!?
Still learning to be fourth grade :) 
Thanks for learning along with me!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Decomposing Fractions

Fourth Grade has some "interesting" standards to say the least.
I've learned a LOT since beginning this adventure back in August!

We're beginning to dig into fractions and have found some
great resources that are helping us dig deeper into the skill..

One of the greatest helps has been this wonderful blog by Meg...
She has some GREAT resources in her TpT store as well...I recommend hopping over and checking out her ideas. I especially like how she has the kids exploring equal parts.
Note to self...model how to fold before having the kids fold on their own.
never "assume" just because they're older than second grade they'll automatically know how to do...

Need some online resources for help?

Here's a great introduction to fraction motivator!

Love this tool for using a multiplication chart to find equivalent fractions.

Whole Brain teaching equivalent fractions...still working on my Whole Brain Teaching strategies...

Explanation of fractions using numerator and denominator

Explanation of equivalent fractions using pizza

The Math Coach's Corner has a TON of great articles and explanations...her decomposing a fraction task cards are wonderful!

In Tennessee, we're prepping our kids for the new TNReady Test...
so...I've been looking at some of the practice questions and how they're 
asking the kids to use their knowledge for fractions...

I created this FREE DOWNLOAD for Decomposing Fractions.
Hope you find it useful.
Reminds me a LOT of our number bonds and part/part/whole 
in second and first grade

My plan is to print off the task cards so that they're 2 or 4 to a card and post them around the room so that we can have a little "scoot the room" for stations....gotta have some fun...even in Fourth! 
If you're looking for some great clipart, like the doodle borders above, check out Krista Wallden's TpT store or blog...great ideas and shares!

We're still searching for more people to participate in the 
Global Math Task Twitter Challenge with us each week.
If your interested just give me a hollar and I'll set you up :)
We love connecting with students from all over the world to share our learning 
and ideas about different skills!