Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Shares and Freebies

Labor Day weekend means a little extra time for "trying" to get ahead with 
some Math plans for fourth grade! 
Whew! These skills are killer....
but we're working it!

I re-created a couple of products I used with my second graders to
better fit with the fourth grade standards so I could get some practice 
in as well as implement some movement and station ideas...

We're really diving in and focusing on 
4NBT2 - read and write place value + comparing
4NBT3 - rounding with place value
4NBT4 - add/subtract using standard algorithm
and mixing in 
4OA2&3 (multistep word problems) almost everyday!

We've been using 
Autumn Morrison's 
awesome power points for
skip counting to practice 
(she's having a sale right now so they're discounted today!)
4OA5 analyze patterns that follow a given rule...
and I figured that we could use my 
Sparkle Zap for Math
to add some more spice to the standard...
(played similar to Spell Sparkle Zap)
You can download a free copy of the updated
fourth grade version HERE.


I also upped the numbers on 
with MyCuteGraphics and KGFonts...
You can download a copy HERE.

You can post them around the room, in the hall,
or at a station for students to practice
some multi-digit addition with regrouping.

I had a GREAT "walk/talk" with a 
fabulous teacher at my school yesterday to work
through some of the things that need to be
done to get everything in during our 
90 minute block...
She inspired me and also reminded me that
fluency doesn't mean 3 seconds...fluency means
the ability to use strategies to solve problems...
So I'm changing around my "Sprint" for practice time 
and plan to use more "math talk" instead....
I think I'll focus on the 
small problems I see happening
frequently on tests and quizzes.
I decided to add the sprint and review back into
homework with a 2 page, 4 day spread 
to practice those skills we've covered already.
I went "old school" and spent some time
cutting and pasting pages from old worksheets...
Here's what I've come up with for now...
You're welcome to "borrow" it if you think it will help.
I'll work on getting it together so that I don't
have to cut and paste, but for now....I'm good with this mess...

Which brings me to the next project 
Four Corners...
My Second Graders LOVED playing 4 corners to 
practice for the SAT10...
but I've had to "revamp and bump it up" for 
fourth grade skills...
It's still a work in progress...but you're
welcome to snag what's there to see if you have
any suggestions or thoughts on improving it 
or skills to add to it!
Just click HERE to download...


Thanks to all those 
who work and labor each and everyday
to keep our country safe!
You're amazing!