Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Making Sense of Math Linky Week Two

I'm joining the 
Making Sense of Math Linky 
with my eFriends again this week!
This week we're talking about 
Modeling Different Computing Methods!
Marilyn Burns says, 
“When children think that there is one right way to compute, 
they focus on learning and applying it, 
rather than thinking about what makes sense 
for the numbers at hand.”

Have you ever used "Math Talks" with your students?
You can check out more about this great tool 
and see some demo videos on 
This is a wonderful time where I am able to 
record the different strategies students 
are using to solve a problem.
By writing down the solutions as the students are 
sharing them, I'm able to help expose everyone to strategies 
that they may not have considered.
The Teaching Channel has some great videos on 
ways to solve problems differently. 
One of the ideas I'm excited to try this year is 
called "Choose 3 Ways!". Students choose 3 different strategies 
to solve the same math task.
You can have students work on their own or with 
small groups to share the information.
The goal is to help students
focus on different methods that make sense
to help solve different situations...
to help them realize that there is 
no one right way to solve a math task...
to help them to become flexible thinkers...
Check out this video from "The Teaching Channel"...

I couldn't find the worksheet so I created my own...
You're welcome to download it HERE...

Another way I plan to help my students 
see different ways to compute the same problem is by
joining in the 
Wondering how you tweet a math task?
Check out this GoogleSlide presentation on #gmttc
or Tweet me a question

Keep hopping by to check out all the great topics we'll be
discussing during the months of July and August!

How do you plan to help your students
model different computing methods?

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  1. This year my son was asked to solve problems in more than one way. I saw him develop a deeper understanding of number. He could explain how and why. P.S. I am excited to join the Twitter challenge.

    1. I look forward to tweeting with lots of classrooms! It will be so exciting to see the learning shared!

  2. I love that solve 3 ways handout! Perfect for math journals. :)