Friday, July 3, 2015

Making Sense of Math Linky Week One

Growing up, I never really “got” math! 
Teachers tried to explain the content, 
but it was never in a concrete format that I truly understood.  
Most of the time I just memorized and moved on. 
Consequently, during my first years as a teacher, 
math was the subject I liked teaching the LEAST! 

Skip forward about “XX” years and now I LOVE teaching math!
More than that…I LOVE sharing activities and ideas that 
help students understand math better with other teachers!

I’m linking up with some awesome eTeacher friends 
to participate in a Summer Post series about Number Sense.

Using Marilyn Burns 
'7 ways that teachers can directly impact a developing sense of numbers'
our posts will cover the following topics 
over the next 8 weeks…
(cause we’re creative and we can always find at least 
one more idea we want to share about!).

This first week we're discussing how we 
Link math to Real-World experiences...

In Marilyn Burns terms....
'Present students with situations that relate to both 
inside and outside classroom experiences. 
Students need to recognize that numbers 
are useful for solving problems.' 
- See more at: 

One of the best ways to connect math to the real-world
was through Twitter Math Tasks for me...
I had my students Tweet tasks on Tuesdays 
to see if other classes from around the world
would be able to solve their questions.

Read more about our 
Global Connections through Twitter

I challenge you to connect your class globally..
choose your grade level to share with 
Mrs. Ladd and I in 
Math Task Twitter Challenge
You can read more about the challenge 

I hope you'll follow 
Mrs. Ladd
on Twitter

Hop over to Mary Lirette's Blog
to read more about 
Making Sense 
Linking Math to Real-World Experiences

Don't forget to 
check out the app giveaway
for Bright World eBooks
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