Monday, July 20, 2015

Making Sense of Math Linky Week 4: Math Strategies

Excited to share some strategies for Math in
the Fourth Week of our 
"Making Sense of Math" link-up!

What are some strategies I use to build my 
Students' Number Sense?

1. Model Model Model....different methods and strategies for computation!
2. Have students do "mental math" in the hall... I ask them to 
"see it in your brain" as I give them math word tasks.
3. Let the kids take over the board...They explain how they solved a task and 
answer all the questions from their classmates!
4.  Ask students to explain their work...
(I had to be really clear that they weren't wrong...
I just needed to hear how they solved the problem... 
seems like if I asked them to explain...
they'd immediately thought their answer was wrong :)
5. Help students to realize there's MORE THAN one "right" way to solve a task!

What are some strategies I model?
I LOVE using Ten Frames in the classroom as well as the Hundreds Chart
Here's a great download from 
and it's FREE!
Has some great posters for modeling different strategies to use 
while computing equations :)

Here's a neat set of posters
Love the graphics and simple terms for the different strategies 
for adding and subtracting here.

Here's a super neat set of posters for 
Multi-Digit Multiplication Strategies
I look forward to using this year in Fourth!

The biggest part of helping my kiddos develop
a better sense of using strategies was 
Letting them do the talking!
They learn a ton from each other.

We also use the eight
Mathematical Practices in my district 
You can see Mary Lirette's 
Mathematical Practice Standards poster set HERE
She linked each one of the practices to a 
community helper's job.
Really helped the kids to see understand the practice more...
So while we're talking about our strategies,
We're using MP3,4,and 5 to help us 
share with others about the different ways that problems
can be solved :)


Our Making Sense of Math series continues on

Please consider linking up with us to share you thoughts, activities, and ideas
on Making sense of Math!
I'd love to see what types of strategies you
share with your students and how you get them 
to understand the idea that there's 
More than ONE right way to get the answer to a problem :)

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