Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Global Connections with Twitter

Making global connections using Twitter was an
Engaging and Effective way of showing my 
students that the things we learn are important in "real life"
AND the classroom!

One of the favorite connections we made this year was our
Tweeting Tuesdays
We made a global connection with Mrs. Ladd's class.
Our goal was to take turns tweeting out Math Tasks every Tuesday.
Problem solving is soooo very important in Math...
 some students had the blues about working on the problems..
add in the idea of sharing a problem with another class
better yet...trying to solve on of their problems ...
No more boredom! Total engagement and energy!
The kids "begged" to check the Twitter feed for a
task to solve and answer.
@swampfrogkids can you show an array and multiplication problem for this repeated addition? #Clara #mathtask pic.twitter.com/cZeuvjKdIz
Mamaw even got in on the fun!

Tweets don't have to be elaborate...
Just a quick task for the kids to think about and solve
using the strategies we're working on in class.
My high kiddos took off on creating tasks for others to solve.

Beverly and I had the opportunity to meet up this summer 
and decided we wanted to share the connection with others!
We created the 
What's the Goal?
We want to connect teachers across the globe
to share relevant learning and activities going on in their rooms!

How Can I Join?
Click on the link to
Global Math Task Twitter Challenge
When you've click on the yes and submitted the form,
you'll be given access to the google sheet to sign up for 
your grade level and week(s) you'd like to 
Tweet a Task.

On the spreadsheet, you'll be able to view all the 
teachers in the different grade level bands that have signed up to participate.
Choose your grade level and the week(s) you want to be in 
charge of tweeting out math tasks using the hashtag that is 
specific to your grade level group.
You can also follow some of the classes to see what else they're 
sharing on Twitter.

Tweeting Tuesdays was "hands down" one of my favorite ways
that I globally connected my students! 
We felt like we were engaged in "real time sharing" with 
students from all over!

If you have any questions, please contact us
Beverly Ladd         or      Heidi Samuelson
(@BevLadd)                  (@swampfrogfirst)


  1. This looks like a great idea. I'm pinning it to my technology board to refer back to.
    Grade School Giggles