Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Global Collaboration Success!

Friday, May 22nd was our official last day of school! 
We had an AMAZING year of collaboration and global connections!

Our final project this year was to create a Fractured Fairy Tale
by collaborating with another class in North Carolina!

Using GoogleDocs


 Voxer helped the writers in both classrooms
communicate ideas and create a tale that
combined characters from familiar fairy tales.

Because our school year ended before their year has finished,
we took on the job of illustrating and creating the
final book using Book Creator.
We had 3 groups working together on different days to create
3 amazing Fractured Fairy Tales...

You can download them on iTunes
to read on iBooks by searching for my name

Read more about our adventure over at ...
I'm so excited to be Guest Blogging to tell you more 
about how we collaborated

Hop over and check out how our  
collaboration to create eBooks and improve our 
writing with another classroom in another state worked out for us!

Click HERE for Link!

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