Sunday, June 14, 2015

Get Connected with your Parents

How do you connect with your parents?

I'm trying to get a step ahead for next year's 
parent communication connections :)

I've decided to use one of my favorite tech tips on 
creating slides to embed in your website from 
It has been "DA BOMB" in helping simplify my newsletter updates
as well as adding information into my sidebar for my class website!
If you haven't had the opportunity to check out 
Tabitha's need to hop over and jump onboard!

I created informational slides in Google Slides and published the slides to the web
so I could get a URL address to create a QR code.
(Sounds confusing...but really very easy!)
If you're not on the online google slide bandwagon yet...
Jump...NOW! soooo much you can do with this tool!

Then I used my trusty PowerPoint Program and created a 
set of "business card" images to print for 
my welcome to the class meeting.
I inserted the QR code into the card.

Now...the idea is my parents can scan the QR code on the card
to have instant access to all the ways to connect with our class!
The beauty of using Google Slides is that all the links are LIVE!
Yep...just click on the blue link and it'll take you right there.

The beauty of it is....
I can modify the slides at ANY time and the QR code stays the same.
I can add more informational slides and
my wonderful parents, 
who have this engaging little card on their refrigerator,
can scan the QR code for information update.

I can also copy these slides and add them to my sidebar
slideshow on my class blog for information overload all the time!

AND...I use the Remind App
to send out weekly reminders to my class...
I can just "Remind" them to scan the code for something 
special or a new set of information :)

If you'd like to connect with me...
Here's my new "business card".
Scan away! I'd love to collaborate with you and your class!

Here's one way you can collaborate with me this year...
no matter what your grade level...
@BevLadd and I are hosting a 
We'd LOVE to have you join in.
Just scan the QR code below to sign up for a week to 
Tweet out Math Tasks to your grade level and 
watch what wonderful learning takes place when you
connect your class with others around the globe!

Want more connections?
Join in 

I'll be hosting a Twitter Chat 
on August 1st 
@1:00PM CST
on Effective & Engaging Apps
Log into Twitter and join in the fun using
the hashtag #appengage

Can't wait to see what you have to share!
I LOVE integrating technology into my teaching!
Don't you?

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  1. I really like what you did with the Google Slide show. I need to take a little time and step my game up in this area. Glad you shared with us.