Monday, May 11, 2015

Global Connections and Building Blogs

Hello All!
Winding down the school year is exciting and fast for the Swamp Frogs!
We're connecting with lots of classrooms using Skype and Kahoot to share in our learning...
Here's a video of one of our biggest collaborations!
I'm also in the process of putting together a 
Math Resource Blog
for our District's Second Grade Teachers.
My goal is to include links and activities for each quarter to make it 
super useful for everyone!
IF you have a freebie or a blog post you'd like me to link to...
please comment below or email me!
I'd be happy to share your ideas and 
give you a spotlight in the blog.
You can find the blog below...
but please remember...
it's a work in progress...
just a skeleton with ideas 
scattered everywhere right now...
Math Resources for Second Grade

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