Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flip the Learning with EDpuzzle!

I think I've said it before, but I have to say it again...
I LOVE using technology with my students!
EDpuzzle gives me the ability to take a video and
make it interactive with questions, comments, and audio clips!
Students create a free account to log in and complete 
assigned videos! You (as the teacher) can see who's 
watched the videos and how they've answered the interactive questions!

You can search several video databases...including YouTube :)
You have the ability to clip the video to just the part or parts you need!
My kiddos get to go to computer lab every Tuesday!
So I'll be excited to see how they do at interacting with a couple of videos 
I've been working on this weekend!
Here's one of the videos on telling time...

and here's one I created using my own screencast video 
for solving Math Word Problems...

You can even have your students make a video interactive to share with the class...
Like this one from one of my froggies that LOVES 
The Electric Company and wanted to share how she learned to use
quotation marks in her blog posts...
(and YES...I teach SECOND grade!)...with some amazing kiddos!
She put this together in less than 15 minutes! AT SCHOOL!

Can't wait to see the kids results as they interact with some
Flipped Learning!
Fingers are crossed that it will help my frogglets that
are having a hard time with these concepts turn on a light!

Do you use EDpuzzle?
Want to share videos?

PS...EDpuzzle works on the iPads as's a free app!

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