Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday-Popplet

I'm linking up with 
Techie Turtle Teacher 
for her wonderful
Tech Tip Tuesday Linky

She has a great share about Instagram that you might enjoy 
reading more about!  Just click the picture above to check it out!

I thought I'd share an app that some of my kiddos are 
enjoying to share their learning!
It's called
Right now we're just exploring with the "lite" version....
but it's looking very promising!

Here's a popplet one of my kiddos is creating to share the information she's 
learning about in a non-fiction book she's reading in bookclub!
The app gives the ability to add pictures, change colors
 (and my kids are ALL about the colors)
as well as add text!

The kids can take a screenshot of their work and add it to their 
kidblog post to share their learning with others as well.
Popplet can be used on the computer as well as on a device!

I see MANY uses in our future...
Like a number map...
or a vocabulary map 
or a story plot map....

Do you use popplet?
Can you see it being a great way for your students to be able 
to Create and Share their learning?

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Looks like a great app and idea for the classroom.

    Techie Turtle Teacher