Friday, March 6, 2015

Scoot for Assessments

I'm linking up with 
Teaching Blog Addict to celebrate our
our second "real" snow day here in the south !
What better way to celebrate than with some freebies!

I'm working on some assessments to get the kids moving 
as well as showing what they know.

I took the cards I created to use with the 
Plickers App
(read more about how I use this cool techie toy HERE )

 and printed them 2 per sheet...
added a little lamination...
and I'm ready for some 

Scooting to Assess when we return to class!
You can read more about the game of Scoot HERE ...

Here's a scoot assessment for fractions...
just click on the picture above to grab it for your class :)

And Here's a scoot for Missing Addends...
just click on the picture above to grab it as well!

Have a wonderful day doing whatever it is you love to do on a "Real" Snow day!


  1. Wow! These are great. Thanks so much for sharing.
    LMN Tree

  2. These are great!!! I would love to be included in a link up party if you do another one or maybe we can start if you are interested let me know. I changed my blog name to my final name it's "Going Frananas"

    1. Totally Dina! Just click the link to the linky party and you can link up as well.
      Good Luck! Love the name!