Friday, March 20, 2015

More Tracking for Learning with Plickers

My kids are LOVING using the Plickers to help them practice
that tough skill of identifying sounds in words 
even if they're not spelled in the same way...

I used my fav clipart..
to put together some more plicker cards.
But you could use them as a scoot game or just project them and
use sign language letters or four corners to practice as well!
Here's some practice for Ending Sounds....
Click HERE to download your own copy :)

Here's some practice for beginning sounds...
Download the file HERE


  1. Thank you Heidi! I haven't tried the plickers yet but I am going to try to do that when we return!

  2. Thanks! Is it necessary to enter each question into the Plickers website to use the cards?

    1. No, but you do have to choose the correct answer choices so that it knows how to read the cards.