Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tweeting Tuesdays with Green Screen

I'm getting fairly confident with using Twitter
 for learning new ideas and activities from my PLN.
I've participated in several great twitter chats...
to name a few... I really recommend using Tweet Deck when 
participating in a chat...makes things so much easier to see...
Now it's time to get my students 
into the world of tweeting to share what we're learning
with classes across the world.
We have a class twitter account
and love seeing what others are doing each day...
we've even tried some of their projects and LIKED them alot!
I LOVE the way Mrs. Deltzer uses a tweeter each day to 
share what's happening in her Top Dog class.
But we're not quite at the daily tweeting level just yet...
Sooo...we came up with the idea of having a Tweeter every Tuesday...
We're calling it Tweeting Tuesday!
We plan to challenge other classes using the hashtag 
I challenge my students to write a math task using 2-3 numbers.
They must use CUPS in their writing and are encouraged to have
a partner check for any corrections.
The Tweeter of the Day gets to choose the tasks 
to Tweet on Tuesday...
take a photo of the task...
post it to our twitter account...
 and watch for any classes 
that might respond to our tweets.
We're also trying to integrate our new techie toy...
by creating Green Screen Video Projects to go
with our Tweeting Tuesdays...
I thought I'd try to create a Tweeter Reveal Movie.
We're using the Do Ink App "Green Screen"

The kids liked my movie so much that they wanted to create a movie to
see if they can add to twitter as well.
It's been a LOT of fun to watch them as they work with this new app.
They get to video on the iPad and watch what they look like...
It's hilarious to hear them talk it out and work on the movements they want to do
in order for things to show up in the movie the right way...

We would LOVE to have your class participate with us!

Just follow us on Twitter

Friday, March 20, 2015

More Tracking for Learning with Plickers

My kids are LOVING using the Plickers to help them practice
that tough skill of identifying sounds in words 
even if they're not spelled in the same way...

I used my fav clipart..
to put together some more plicker cards.
But you could use them as a scoot game or just project them and
use sign language letters or four corners to practice as well!
Here's some practice for Ending Sounds....
Click HERE to download your own copy :)

Here's some practice for beginning sounds...
Download the file HERE

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spin, Tally, and Graph with Easter Chicks from MyCuteGraphics

I LOVE using MyCuteGraphics in my station games!
and I just found out about this wonderful Kindergarten Blog
A Differentiated Kindergarten
Her post on differentiated morning work really has my wheels spinning!
especially the cd spinner cases!

Sooooo...I created a little station for our graphing and data collection
math rotations when we return from Spring Break!
You can download it HERE...

I LOVE the cd spinner!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!

Here's another one...

Hop over to my TpT store to download it now :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday-Popplet

I'm linking up with 
Techie Turtle Teacher 
for her wonderful
Tech Tip Tuesday Linky

She has a great share about Instagram that you might enjoy 
reading more about!  Just click the picture above to check it out!

I thought I'd share an app that some of my kiddos are 
enjoying to share their learning!
It's called
Right now we're just exploring with the "lite" version....
but it's looking very promising!

Here's a popplet one of my kiddos is creating to share the information she's 
learning about in a non-fiction book she's reading in bookclub!
The app gives the ability to add pictures, change colors
 (and my kids are ALL about the colors)
as well as add text!

The kids can take a screenshot of their work and add it to their 
kidblog post to share their learning with others as well.
Popplet can be used on the computer as well as on a device!

I see MANY uses in our future...
Like a number map...
or a vocabulary map 
or a story plot map....

Do you use popplet?
Can you see it being a great way for your students to be able 
to Create and Share their learning?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Scoot for Assessments

I'm linking up with 
Teaching Blog Addict to celebrate our
our second "real" snow day here in the south !
What better way to celebrate than with some freebies!

I'm working on some assessments to get the kids moving 
as well as showing what they know.

I took the cards I created to use with the 
Plickers App
(read more about how I use this cool techie toy HERE )

 and printed them 2 per sheet...
added a little lamination...
and I'm ready for some 

Scooting to Assess when we return to class!
You can read more about the game of Scoot HERE ...

Here's a scoot assessment for fractions...
just click on the picture above to grab it for your class :)

And Here's a scoot for Missing Addends...
just click on the picture above to grab it as well!

Have a wonderful day doing whatever it is you love to do on a "Real" Snow day!