Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vocabulary Intervention Shares

Happy Valentine's Day!

I LOVE learning new ways to approach 
skills and subjects to share with my kiddos!

My wonderful district provided us with a day of Professional Development by
asking teacher teams from each elementary schools
to share what works for them in their Reading/Math Skill Blocks ....

being on Friday the 13th...I was a little nervous...BUT...

I gleamed some FANTASTIC ideas from these marvelous team shares!
Thanks to ALL that took time to  share and present for us!

Got to hear about some fantastic TpT deals
as well as some new book ideas....

*****like how did I miss the David Shannon's
Alice the Fairy book????

How stinkin' cute is she!!!

And how did I not know about one of our own district's marvelous teaching blog???
Smith's Sarari 
Adventures in Second Grade 

She's written a post to share some of the things her team uses for to help with Phonics...

check out this adorable idea they shared for a 
Learning with Liz
Liz puts everything in a freebie to make this adorable rainbow craft
to help the kiddos with a unit on Prefixes and Suffixes....
Right on target for what we're working on this week!
Great Resources! Thanks to shares from the teachers in the district!
Liz also has a great little 
NO prep ELA unit for March I plan to check into... 
I love it when I can get a resource to help me out and I don't have any preparations 
to do when using it....sounds lazy...but it's my reality right now :)

 One of the teams shared a song they use with Nursery Rhymes to help increase phonemic awareness with the well as this fabulous idea about a rhyming baskets...
which I HAD to come home and create to use with the kids next week!  
I STILL have kiddos that have a difficult time with words that rhyme...
so I have great hopes for this little gem...

the idea is the kids have to choose two object from the basket 
that they think have rhyming names and then explain how the names rhyme...

One team shared how they used a fluency folder with each child.
They shared a product from Second Story Window's TpT store called 
Fluency Homework
You can download a preview of the product on their TpT store to see how 
you might use it in your classroom.
I'm going to see how it works with my text fluency RTI group this week.

My team got together for shares on Vocabulary!
I love the binders my teammates are putting together using the FCRR site..
I'm soooo unorganized when it comes to storing things...they've inspired me!
I also LOVE how my teammates use the large spiral tablets to
have the kids work with analogies each day!
I put our presentation together in Google Slides so you can download it and click on the links to find all the shares my team found for prefix and suffix centers as well as antonyms and synonyms.
I've uploaded our shares to the PD Presentation page of this blog as well !

some graphics from

You can also view a padlet on the PD Presentation page that links to all our shares as well!
Thanks to GoNoodle for sending some 
AWESOME swag to share with the teachers during the workshop!
It was GREAT to see how many of us utilize this wonderful resource in our rooms!
But also wonderful to share about GoNoodle Plus and how we 
learn and move with the different activities available here!

Soooo....How was your Friday the 13th???
Hope it was as successful as mine!
PS....stop back soon ... we've been working on some eBooks 
using BookCreator and Chatterpix!
I can't wait to share the results!

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