Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spotlight Sunday: BrainyBox Kit Review

Spotlight Sunday
Hello Al!  Thought I'd try something new and do a 
Spotlight Feature on Sunday of something
I've found useful or that someone asked me to take a look at...
Today's spotlight is for  
Viktoria Altman who is an entrepreneur 
(and a mother of 2) from NYC
She asked if I'd be interested
 taking a look at one of the products
from her new company 
called Brainy Box
She was so kind to send a "review kit" of her first 
Brainy Kit called the "Polar Kit" for my review...

Since I've moved to second grade, I contacted my buddies 
in K and PreK to see if they'd be willing to help test
the kit out with their classrooms and let me know
 how they like it...

The overall impression was that the kit was
very well put together and had a lot of interactive 
things to stimulate a child's interest.

Victoria Altman, the creator of the Brainy Kit, 
describes her kits as kits that have 
“true Montessori materials and lesson plans 
that allow a caretaker to work with a child one on one.”  

 Here's the kit we received 

It included:
7 Lesson Plans
Polar Animal Figurines
Amazing Arctic Animals, A Book About Polar Animals
Laminated Picture/Vocabulary Cards
Laminated Venn Diagram of South & North Pole Animals
Instant Snow
Penguin Montessori Puzzle
And even more:  
A sticker set, a jigsaw puzzle, a glue stick, 
and an arts and crafts mask to complete the set.

My friends felt they could adapt the kit for classroom use easily.  
It meets the need to incorporate informational text into lessons 
even at an early age.... 
After reading the story, students can use the vocabulary cards 
and figures to sort and classify arctic animals; 
describe similarities and differences between the animals; 
 identify the different habitats; 
and as a resource for writing about arctic animals.  
The hands on activities reinforce the information 
that they have learned in the story.  
The Students loved the manipulative connection!

For more information,
you can check out Victoria's website at 

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