Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plickers Helps Me Track for Learning!

I LOVE integrating technology into each day with my kiddos...
and they LOVE "trying out" new ideas with me.
At a recent District PD Day, I was reminded about a great resource for 
teachers that only requires ONE tech device! 
Plickers is available from both the
iTunes App store and Google Play for free!

You basically need ONE device and the free printable
plicker cards from the website
and you're set to go.

I find I like using this resource during small groups better than whole group
right now... I can tailor the assessments and review more
easily to a small group and make sure I have challenging
questions for my advanced kiddos while having "just right"
questions for my kiddos that are still working on a skill.

The beauty of this tech is you don't have to input questions and answers
 into the program to get the information you need back!
Sounds weird right...but really cool feature!
My favorite blog resource for Pickers is from Mary
Sharing Kindergarten
She talks about a great idea for creating the assessment slides to use with plickers.
I created some Tracking the Learning cards to help with
my small group assessment and prep for SAT10..

I simply bring my small group back to the table and display a skill card.
They get their plicker cards ready and then we scan.
I usually have the plickers site open on my laptop so they can
see how they did immediately and then the discussion begins...

You're welcome to download the assessment cards for your classroom as well!
IF I decide to do a card whole group, I project it and have the kids show
their answer as we play "Rock, Paper, Scissors"...
Well....because when you say,
"Rock, Paper, Scissors, Show..." they aren't spending as
much time looking to see what others are showing...
They're putting more effort into showing what they know on the beat :)
Weird...but works!

Plickers for Fractions: HERE

Plickers for Missing Addends:  HERE

Plickers for Vowel Sounds of /ew/: HERE

Plickers for Long O Vowel Sounds: HERE

Plickers for Pronouns: HERE

In reality, you don't really have to use plickers to do the assessments,
you could simply have students use hand signals or cards marked with ABCD...
but how much more fun is a little technology plugged into the mix... can go back and look at the data
from the assessment and see which kiddos need
more time to work on which skill a little more...

Here's some more resources I've found on Plickers...
Ever use "Slide Share"? 
This one's created by Nadine Gilkison.

Here's a presentation using "Prezi" about Plickers. put together by Kristen Vollma.
I tried to embed the presentation, but alas...blogger would not play nice with the code Prezi was providing...however if you click on the picture below, it should take you to the Prezi page.


  1. Heidi, you are my hero! I just heard about this and wanted to try it out but hadn't had a chance to investigate it yet!! Thank you so much for the resources. I changed my blog name again but this is it and I finally got my TPT store opened! :) My new blog is Hope you'll check it out! ;) I pinned your post! ;)

  2. P.S. I like your new blog look. That's my next project if I can remember how is to make me a new blog design...I made one before but it's been a couple years! So I have to refresh my memory it's not what it used to be. I haven't talked to you in awhile I hope you having a good year! :) What book are we doing this summer?

    1. I'm jealous you can do a design code....I'd love to learn, but time is not for that at this juncture in my life :) What suggestions do you have for a book study? I'm still researching!

    2. I have limited code experience but I can make the background in photoshop and then I have a code that works on blogger! ;) I used to know how to do more but I stopped doing that when I started teaching general education and haven't gotten back to it. Now at this age I can't remember things as easily as I used to and I hate it! :( Book study?! Hmm not sure but if I run across something I'll let you know. :)