Monday, February 16, 2015

Find the Missing Addends

My kiddos are having some difficulty seeing that the equal sign is really just like a balance beam...
so I created a quick set of action cards to help them practice this concept.
I've added these task cards to my TpT store free for a bit :)
You can download them HERE!
Of course I used the graphics from my favorite site of all times!

I created a part part whole board for the kids to use in RTI group so they can "see" where each part is going to be "Plugged Into The Board"...and then talk about what operation will help them determine the missing addend.
You can download this file HERE

I also used my favorite FREE app
to make a short video that I've embedded on my class website...
Kids can go and listen and learn when they need a reminder about 
part part whole...and finding a missing addend...

I have high hopes for this little set of task cards...
What do you use for helping your students
Find the Missing Addends?

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