Saturday, January 31, 2015

Skyping + Kahoot = Global Connection

I LOVE using technology in the classroom, 
so when a Mystery Skype Classroom Buddy contacted me through Twitter 
and mentioned the possibility of Skyping a Kahoot game....
Well...You can imagine my excitement and intrigue!
Here's how we were able to globally connect 
our students to share in some fun ways to learn!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thanks, Gabby! I LOVE the Make Over!

 I am SOOOOO Not a decorator! .... 

in fact... I usually break out in hives when I presented with all 
the options for colors and patterns
when contemplating buying new furniture... 

I've been considering updating the Swamp Blog for awhile now...
So...I took some time to research blog designers out there and
did more research to see what I wanted to include in the new design...

So I am...

super excited 

to showcase the new look put together for me by

Gabby Barba
Gabbys Classrooms
Gabby is a Student Teacher in Training:) 
and a VERY talented blog designer!

She made the whole process virtually painless for a 
non-decorator style-like person such as myself!

Her colors were spot on for what I was 
"trying" to describe!

I am VERY happy with the end product and 
excited to put some 
"style" into "The Swamp"!

If you're considering a new look for your blog 
starting a new blog....
I HIGHLY recommend working with Gabby!

to coin a southern friend...
"She's a Peach!"

Stay tuned for a new PD presentation on Vocabulary 
for RTI intervention and Tier One activities as well...

IF you're a 
GoNoodler... or a Kahooter....
you might enjoy some of the new ideas!

Like...skyping a Kahoot game! 
Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Take on Reading Rotations and some PD Shares

Break Time is officially over for us as teachers head back to school tomorrow for some Professional Development Presentations!

I'm excited to be able to share some technology with my fellow "Rams" tomorrow during this day of reorganizing and prepping for the second semester of school to begin.
I love using technology with my second graders and enjoy sharing about our successes with others as well...So....
I've started a new page on this blog to house some of the 
shares I'll be reviewing tomorrow. 
You should be able to see the new link in the page tabs under the blog heading :) 
I'll leave the page static and add to it from time to time with more things I find to share :)
Hope you'll hop over and check out some more information on 
Google Drive to Create Online tests
Mystery Skyping

On a UPDATED note...
I'm working on rearranging my Reading Rotations and Stations...
 yet again...
You'd think by now I'd have things roaring and going....
...I've updated my reading rotation maps ...again...
I LOVE the graphics from so I kept them for each rotation label on the map
I added a technology station and combined read to self and listen to reading as a choice station
and instead of Word Working station....I've got some drawers to use....
I'm trying some new ideas with the word working stations from 
Jen Ross at 
Teacher by the Beach
Here's the packet I picked up to check out for this month...
She's got a variety of station ideas, but I LOVE the Station Map idea she uses to have kids be more accountable with the work they're doing.  I'll be honest..
.I'm not a worksheet time person, but my friends this year seem to "need" that accountable component to use the stations the right way...
I did some modifications to Jen's station map to come up with my own version...
My thought is to keep the same map for the whole month of January and see how things roll through stations.  I read a GREAT post over at Second Story Window titled 
I love the suggestion of planning for only 3 days of stations...
So...we'll see how the "new year" goes this week as we take some time to reassess and discuss our new procedures for the reading block :)

Enjoy your New Year!
May you find something fun to do each day that makes you smile and
remember that teaching is a joy and you make a difference!