Friday, December 26, 2014

Brain Challenge

Trying to encourage a little brain engagement with my frogletts over the holiday break...
Here's a brain challenge I sent to them today.
There's a printer friendly version as well.
I post the challenge on our KidBlog and they can respond as a comment.
I also send it out via email....then they can email me back or 
print and bring it to school when we return.
Enjoy this Freebie HERE...

I'm thinking about changing the design for this blog as a birthday present from my family...
If you have any suggestions on blog designers you've worked with and would like to share their contacts with me, please leave a comment.
If you are a blog designer, please comment as well.
I'm horrible at figuring out color choices and would appreciate any 
suggestions on what might work for the Swamp Frog theme...
I'm thinking blues, greens, and tans with some bubbles, lilypads, and frogs...
but....decorating scares the snibblets out of me!
Enjoy your day!

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