Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kidblog ROCKS!

My class is in LOVE with Kidblog!

I learned about this wonderful FREE resource on one of my Twitter Chats and it has TAKEN FLIGHT in the Swamp! I've been toying with the idea of allowing the students to start adding posts to our classroom blog, but was unsure of how I would organize it to be easily read...
Kidblog makes it ...

Sooooo easy to create blog pages for each student!

Soooo easy to post and comment!

And adds...Soooo much REAL LIFE connection to writing! 

My kids are EXCITED to create posts to share with everyone what they're learning and doing in the Swamp! 

And....BONUS....they're helping each other improve their posts by sharing how to change the font colors and sizes.....but more importantly....sharing editing thoughts as well.... like when to add a capital letter, how to make a capital letter, why there needs to be a period and a space....and so on and so's've been...listening during writing lessons all along and I just didn't notice!

I moderate all posts and comments....which you might think is horrible....but it's just NOT!
There's a handy dandy FREE app for my iPhone that let's me access the dashboard and quickly see what needs to be approved....I can do single approvals or bulk approvals.
... click HERE to check it out...

Some of my students are even asking to create some "graphics" to upload into their posts to talk about... now to find an easy graphic creator for kids...we're using educreations right now and taking screenshots...but I just know there's something better out there for them.

Kidblog even gives us the opportunity to add widgets to the main page as well as change themes to the whole blog for the free version!

We've added a blog roll to show the classes that we're connecting with on Mystery Skype Calls for location and math numbers!

It's an exciting time to be teaching!

I hope you'll hop by and check out our posts and see what we're learning!
We'd love to get a comment or two from you as well!

Enjoy your day!

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