Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Scan a QR Code WHILE on a Device!

I was working on updating my QR code Math Task Challenge for my classroom blog today! I learned how to connect an Evernote with a QR code from "FlapJack Education" and love challenging my students to scan the code at home and see if they can complete the task for a "treat"...

After I shared the updated code....I had an interesting question from a parent…. they were ON their device looking AT the code....but “Is there a way to scan a QR code when you’re looking at it on your device?”

Answer….YES! (Thanks to the technology searching from my awesome parent!)

Pretty simple instructions too....

Take a screenshot of the QR code on your device…
Then open your QR scanner app and go to the menu
click on the one that says 
scan a photo
it will prompt you to open the photo and 
Voila! You can now scan a QR code on your device!

Here’s a quick (and pretty bad video) of how to…

Hope you find this useful!
Many thanks to my awesome parents!
They help me to learn more about technology so I can share with you!

Enjoy your day,

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