Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthday Bubbles

This year our school district is saying "no" to birthday food treats...

So to make the day a little more fun for the munchkins in my room

I thought we'd do "Birthday Bubbles"...

Using the formula for "super bubble" from 

I created the "Birthday Bubble" solution in a handy dandy dispensing jar...
Found it on summer clearance :)

On a child's birthday, we can pass out pipe cleaners to make bubble wands 

fill up small plastic cups 

with our birthday bubble solution to 
have some extra fun at recess...

I can purchase those small bubble bottles
add a cupcake sticker or leave em blank...
and have an easy way to fill em up when they run out...

You can check out the fun we had with 
bouncing bubbles this year... HERE

If you'd like the Birthday Bubble signage for your container...
with the cutest graphics EVER....check out
click HERE

Back to school on MONDAY!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Happy first day! I hope it goes smoothly for you! Your Birthday Bubbles idea is the BEST! Thank you for sharing!