Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stories on DVDs for a Station?????

I found my son's OLD DVD player 
(we're talking....OLD....OLD....OLD...)
but it works!

A teacher on one of the FaceBook groups 
(you know the ones that sell things because they're moving to a new grade or position)...
put 3 dollars on some Scholastic DVD collections (that had NEVER been opened)....score!

One of my K buddy teachers uses DVD stories as one of her stations during reading rotations.
She makes sure that the "words on the screen" option is turned on....that way the kids are seeing, hearing, and "reading" the story on the DVD players...

I'm putting my 2 "new finds" together to create a different kind of 
reading station for my kiddos this year.

I'll need to do some "explicit" teaching on HOW to use the station...but I think it will be a hit!
and with a headphone splitter...
there can be 2 students at the station at one time :)

I've come up with some recording sheets that will 'hopefully' keep the kids on task and actively engaged with the stories...

You can download them HERE

Have you ever tried to use DVDs with your students in stations?
How did it work for you?



  1. I have that complete set of DVDs by Scholastic and a portable DVD player, but I never connected using them together as a center! Thank you for sharing this idea! It is sheer genius!

  2. Hi do you know the name of the FB group that sells stuff? Please let me know!!! Thanks! Amy :)

    1. It's a local group for my area called Teacher Exchange....all the exchanges and sales are for local pick up's a great resource. There's several different groups for the surrounding cities as well.

  3. I have used the DVD as a center! I bought those same DVDs at a rummage sale. It worked fantastic . I also used the splitter so that 2 students could read together. I plugged the player in rather than use batteries.