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#SBS14 Chapter 5 Thoughts & Shares

*****chapter 5******
Debbie Diller
"Making the Most of Small Groups"

I hope you're getting good information and affirmation as you read through this book.  
Here are some of my favorite quotes from Chapter Five on Fluency...

***'Fluency is not just speed. It's a combination of several factors-rate or speed, prosody or phrasing, expression, intonation, and pacing-along with comprehension.'
Debbie Diller. Making the Most of Small Groups: Differentiation for All (Kindle Location 1142). Kindle Edition. 

These Fluency Mini-Cards made by mrskilby are free on TpT…
and would be great as a reminder to students that it's NOT just about how fast you read…it's about what you sound like as well.  
How many of you do the "one-minute" timing for the word count in the Reading Street program?…every student is different, but many I find that many think when I start the timer they have to race through the passage to finish even if they don't say something right or fly right by the punctuation marks.  I noticed that near the end of second grade, they actually started believing me when I said that the time is for me so that I make sure I can meet with everybody and hear them read. :)

***"A second fluency component is automaticity (or quickness) in word recognition. In addition to reading accurately, students should effortlessly recognize the words they see in print."
Debbie Diller. Making the Most of Small Groups: Differentiation for All (Kindle Locations 1148-1149). Kindle Edition. 

Rowdy in Room 300 has a neat idea for fluency practice with sight words.
How do you help your students with word recognition?  I've used both the Dolch and the Fry lists to help play games such as "Snap" and "Sorry" to encourage automaticity with the sight words each week.  

***"Fluency is a bridge between phonics and comprehension. When children can read with greater automaticity (fast, accurate decoding) and not spend so much brainpower trying to figure out how to read words, they are freed up to think more about what they've read, which leads to better comprehension."
Debbie Diller. Making the Most of Small Groups: Differentiation for All (Kindle Locations 1160-1162). Kindle Edition. 

I really only spend one day a week focusing on fluency and am interested in starting more of a station type area where the kids can go and record themselves as well as listen to themselves each week….I think they need to hear what they sound like to really be able to hear what others are listening to as they read…We have a couple of flip videos that I think I may "play around" with this year and let them record and listen to themselves as they read books from the classroom library…
Anybody have an app they can recommend for fluency practice?  I'd love to have the kids record and send something to me via the iPods.

Debbie has a lists of possible focuses for lessons to work with small groups and fluency...
*Decoding words effortlessly and automatically
*High-frequency-word work
*Reading the punctuation
*Reading in phrases
*Reading with intonation and expression 
*Reading dialogue
*Regulating the speed of reading
I like the way Debbie gives short bursts of information in the book on how each lesson might look…gives me something to go on when planning and refer back to for ideas.

Ms. Diller does give a "Fluency Caution"to make sure I put as much effort into both comprehension and fluency when teaching in small groups… good advice….I don't want one area to suffer due to emphasis placed on the other…keeping a good balance is important.

I'm off to enjoy some more of the wildlife in Mamaw & Papaw's front yard. 

Check out these freebies I found that others are using with you have a resource you find to be really good?  Comment and share....please!  I would love to know what works for you!

What have you tried for fluency tracking?
Here's a fluency folder idea from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Elementary Discoveries has a set of fluent reader posters for free on TpT that look interesting as well…

There's a cute idea for

Here's a freebie on TpT for guided reading lesson plans…goes along with Jan Richardson's "The Next Step in Guided Reading"

Here's the link to a cute Thick and Thin question poster.

Enjoy your day....looks like storms in my area of the world for today!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post about our fluency folders! :) I really loved using them while I was a reading specialist. Hope you are enjoying your summer!