Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pre-Assess Vocabulary Knowledge with Plickers

I first heard about Plickers at the #NotatISTE online community...
It's basically a way to assess students quickly with the use of just ONE device in the classroom...each child has a card that is coded for them to show what they know by holding the symbol on the card in different ways...
You can download the FREE app by clicking on the pic below or going to Plickers.com
Then I saw Mary's blog post from Sharing Kindergarten and how she utilizes this cool technology 
and now I am HOOKED!
Sharing Kindergarten
She's got an informative video that was really spectacular in helping me to see more ways to
utilize the technology for the younger group of students!
You can read about her ideas HERE

Sooooo....I did some "upgrading" on my version of the
Rating Vocabulary words with hand signals...
and now...
I can have the kids rate the vocabulary words using Plickers

I can pre-assess words as a whole group and see how the class
sees the word before I introduce and discuss it...
Using just ONE device, I can scan the cards...see how everyone is answering...who hasn't answered...and keep a record of what the answers were...

The plan would be to then have a post assessment of the words as well...but we'll see how it pans out...
I can also see using this type of technology with SAT10 practice questions 
and eNvision quick checks...
Should be a fun and different way of formative assessment!

Here's the upgrade to the "Rating Vocabulary" file I shared earlier

Click HERE to download the file to make your own charts!



  1. Great idea! Do you do a post test of these words later?

    1. The goal (for me) would be to include them within the assessments we give during our reading block. However, as I was reading Debbie Diller's book on "Making the Most of Small Groups" vocabulary doesn't always have to be formally assessed...so maybe another plicker go around to see how we're doing on a word would be appropriate as well.