Friday, June 27, 2014

Thoughts on Ch. 3. #SBS14

Thoughts and shares on Chapter Three:

Debbie talks about how to form small groups during Chapter Three.

I like how she shares ideas for using both formal and informal assessments to create the small groups for instruction.

One of the formal assessments we have access to at the beginning of the year is the SAT10 results from the students' end of the year test from first grade.

Another formal assessment we have access to is STAR reading assessments as well as iStation.

My favorite informal assessment is the "San Diego Quick Assessment". If you google this title, you'll find many resources available to use with this quick and fairly accurate assessment for forming reading groups at the beginning of the year. Here's a couple of links to posts on the San Diego Quick Assessment from my blog...

Here's a link to the pdf file of the words...

I upload this to my iPad and the kids can swipe across the words as the complete the test. You can also print out the words and have the kids read through the words on a list or put on index cards.

Here's the powerpoint file for the same thing...

Here's a link to the how's and why's of the San Diego Quick Assessment...

as well as a link to a pdf of the recording page..

I used the iPad app "Good Notes" and created a folder for each child. Then I uploaded the recording form into each of their folders and was able to record how they did on the test without paper...

Debbie also refers to a phonics informal assessment (Quick Phonics Screener). I did a quick search for more information and think I'll spend more time looking into this type of assessment. It looks like it will give an informal view of students' phonetic awareness which could be very helpful when it comes time to group :) Here's a link to the doc I found can find more resources by searching the net...

I've tried Carol Stafford's idea for index cards to use for anectodal recording, but like how Debbie suggests putting the cards out in front of each child's spot to record quick thoughts on how they did during the small group. I LOVE sticky notes, but I'm really trying for the paperless record keeping this will have to see how this pans out.

I'm thinking googledocs will be a good resource for keeping notes as well...then I can access and update the notes from any device with the google doc ability :)

Still visiting in the land of "no wifi", but enjoying limited internet from my niece's line:). More shares coming. Stay tuned. This is a GREAT book!  I'm enjoying the lesson suggestions as well as the well thought out ideas for small group meetings!

Looking forward to creating more with Mamaw!
Can you guess what we're working on here?

It's going to be FUN!


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  1. Thanks for sharing about the San Diego assessment. I really like that as a quick reference for a reading level. I'd never heard of it before but will share it with my fellow 2nd grade teachers next year.
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