Sunday, June 8, 2014

Loved That Lesson! (June)

I'm linking up with Meg Anderson to share another lesson that 
worked really well for me this year!

I usually read the kids "Giraffes Can't Dance" at the beginning of the year
so we can talk about how some people learn at different rates
 and in different ways.

There's a cool YouTube video of the book as well...
We write about the main character and the things that he learned in the story.
We talk about how the other animals acted in the book and how Gerald responded to them.
It's a great book for helping the kids to see how their words and actions
have an effect on others!....good and bad...

Then I created a math task to go along with the story..
and my mom helped create the giraffes for the kids to design...
Most importantly...the kids share their giraffes with partners and tell how they 
solved the math problem.  They must say something positive to their partner as well 
as prove their mathematical thinking..

It is a great way to integrate
Working Together with Positive Talking
into one lesson....
Plus the giraffes are a HUGE hit for the whole week!

I'm definitely keeping this in the 
"Back to School" files and will be creating them again this year.
Just need to bump up the math task for my 
Second Graders...any suggestions for making this a more 
difficult task for Second Graders is welcomed :)