Friday, May 30, 2014

Prepping the Planning Binder

I am such a prep nerd!  I LOVE getting things ready to go for the next year...and since we have a team planning meeting coming up at the end of June...I was really stoked to see that Leslie at 
"Kindergarten Works" has a new Teacher Planning Calendar ready to download.
I used her 2013014 calendar last year and LOVED the design and space she's got built into the pages!
You can read all about her binder systems HERE.
Best part is she offers this planning calendar for FREE!  

This year I decided I'm going to create a special little something to hold both the calendar and some grades and some notes and some.... you get the idea...
I don't want something too thick and large to carry around so I'm going to try a quarter at a time and see how it goes.  We'll see...I want to do more on my devices this year as I may not need the paper version after the first quarter. 
I did find that I could upload some of my templates into the "Good Notes App"
and type or write on it as well to save even more paper...but for the first quarter...I'm sticking with the paper as well until I get more comfortable with the devices :) Leslie also offers an editable version of her calendar for a small fee.  I think you can use powerpoint to type over the pages and then print them off.  That way one of our wonderful team members can make the master calendar and then share it with the others...

Here's the gradebook page I was working on for the "new year".  We used an online program for recording grades this year that did not play well with my home network.  I'm a grade at home kinda a little Revenge and grade some papers...So...I thought I'd come up with a simple gradebook page for my new journey next year...You can download it if you like by using the link below.
Download a copy of my simple gradebook page HERE

So what great things do you add to your teacher binder?  
Do you use your own planning pages or someone else's design?

I'd love to hear how you prep for organization and sanity each year!

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Thanks so much!

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  1. I love planning ahead also. Have fun with getting ready for the next year.