Thursday, May 22, 2014

Join in the Summer Book Study #SBS14

Join in the fun and share along with me!
Fill out this google form to sign up 
for the email ring of sharing...
Follow me on Twitter and this blog 
to read along with our shares!

You can find the book on Amazon or in the bookstores...

I'm going to try using the Kindle version...
looks like the notes and highlighting ability of the Kindle app can be shared on Twitter :)

I'm linking up with Marie over at "The Hands-on Teacher in First!" 
for a summer reading linky...
she's got some good ideas and some neat links for summer reading as well..

If you'd like some shares from #SBS14 sent to your email, 
I'm creating a ring for the book study participants.  
This way I can share ideas and activities with you as they come in from all around :)
Please take a moment and fill out this google form to join along...

We'll try some technology shares as well....
like a Twitter Chat and a GoogleDoc form to share among the email ring people...
I look forward to seeing what new things I can learn from this summer's study!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks for hosting! I have read some of the book but definitely wanted to read more this summer. I'm looking forward to the book study!

    First Grade Found Me

  2. Sorry so late in replying! Also have gmail acct if sharing google doc. Have the book home and ready to dust it off!!! Here we go