Saturday, May 10, 2014

End of the Year-Special Celebration Days

Do you do any special end of the year celebration days?

Thinking about it this's what I've got planned so far...

Special Days for the last week
 “In the Swamp”
It has been my pleasure to share in your child’s learning this year as they grew into the almost third grader they are now!
For the last week as a Second Grader ‘in the Swamp’, I’d like to make each day special with a little “celebration” theme to honor all the hard work and perseverance your children have put into this year!
Monday:  May 19th
Sunglasses & Bubbles-Bring a pair of sunglasses to wear as we explore with bubbles “outside the container”
Tuesday:  May 20th 
Books and a Buddy Day- Bring several of your favorite books and one stuffed buddy to share with the class as we read around the room. (Bring a beach towel to sit on if you like.)  We’ll make a memory book that all can sign.
Wednesday:  May 21st
Board Game Day- Bring your favorite board game from home to share with the class.
Thursday:  May 22nd
Techno Day-We’ll use the iPads and iPods today.
Friday:  May 23rd Half Day-
Friendship Bracelet Day-we’ll use some beads and string to create some friendship bracelets to share.

So....whatdaya think?...
I would love your input or thoughts...what do you do for the end of the year?

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  1. Thanks for the ideas!!!! I haven't done this in the past and you inspired me to try it!!! We're doing a big bubble unit now so I tweaked a few things but I love your ideas.